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NuSphere PhpEd is today's top integrated development environment for php. Suitable both for small individual works and large multi-developer projects, PhpED considerably boost up the development process. PhpED is a robust tool featuring full-cycle functionality for developing web-sites and web-applications. Balanced combination of advanced code editor, reliable dbg debugger, productive database connectivity client and fast and secure deployment abilities make PhpED a complete solution for most sophisticated developer needs. As in any complicated process, in php development a great deal of effectiveness depends on your choice of production tools. According to our customers, PhpED can save up to 75% of their development time.

Find Usage functionality
PhpED is used on the projects comprised of hundreds of PHP files. Changing a function or a class methods in these project is not an easy task. With Find Usage menu you can see all usages of selected function, method or class in your Project right in the PHP IDE window. Combine this with phpUnit in PhpED and you can tame any Project.

Side by Side Diff viewer
Taking even further our support for remote development PHP IDE now has a difference viewer. Use it to see side by side difference between files copies in the editor and on local or even remote disks. Side by side difference is also available for before and after views in php refactoring.

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