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Navitel Navigator 5 for Android and Symbian + Map Fast Full Download

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Navitel Navigator 5 for Android and Symbian + Map

Navitel Navigator 5 for Android and Symbian + Map of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Europe, Q4.2011 | 2.78 GB

Navitel Navigator - a unique and accurate navigation system. Also present in the assembly of the official map of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Europe, Q4 2011.

Navitel Navigator
Navitel Navigator - a unique and accurate navigation system that includes free service Navitel. Corks, data on traffic police surveillance cameras (SPEEDCAM), three-dimensional model of road junctions and important buildings architecture. In the presence of a huge database of useful objects POI.

- Simple, intuitive and customizable interface.
- Voice of reference for automatically created route.
- Warning system places special attention (SPEEDCAM).
- Level-crossings, "speed bumps".
- Automatic selection of time zone.
- Length of trip distance, time, motion and speed.
- Record tracks and waypoints.
- Export / import tracks.
- Export / import routes.
- Export tracks to routes.
- The direction of movement to a given point with the prediction of arrival time.
- Ability to manage the program without the stylus.
- Ability to select the voices of the three-voice packets.
- Ability to select skin file.
- Ability to use informal cards.

What's new in Navitel for Android:
Changes to the automatic adjustment of time for the residents of the Republic of Belarus.
The errors associated with the activation license key for the program Navitel new users.
Adapted boot mode, and the purchase of additional cards. Changes in services and purchase additional downloads of official nautical charts from the Navitel Navigator for Android Market.
Improved stability Navitel Navigator

What's new in Navitel
A full-featured trial for 30 days!
Before purchasing a license Navitel - check the quality of the navigation software on your phone! Now any new user can no restrictions in the functionality of the program or use the card details Navitel Navigator on your phone for 30 days - in a trial period. Please note that when you start Navitel during the trial period every time the program will go online to update the server activation (1-2 KB of traffic). After purchasing a license access to internet at startup will not be required.

A new free online service Navitel. EVENTS!
The service allows users to observe and see the map navigation device mark other users on the road the following types of events: accidents (a division of the bands of the road), accidents, road works (a division of the bands of the road), and other warnings as well as to mark on a map found the camera tracking speed.
All published by the user on the map markers can be accompanied by a text commentary. Published earlier events on the map, other users can confirm or deny, if the mark does not correspond to reality.
These services Navitel. Events are updated with data on traffic service Navitel. Plugs. Summary of events on the road disappears automatically after 3 hours after the last confirmation. Read the details of the service in the chapter "Online Services".

Search by street.
A new feature available in the address search, has been added to numerous requests from users Navitel Navigator. With the search for an intersection you can easily find a place of intersection of two different streets or roads on the map and get directions to this location the route, or look it up on the screen of your navigation device.

Updated skin nighttime.
At night, the information from the navigator screen is now more convenient and easier to read.

Showing areas of cities with the address search.
When searching the streets for street name is now displayed and the area to which it relates.

More information on Dynamic POI Navitel.
For example, when upload more information about the cost of fuel at the pump, you can see the last update.

Download new maps on your smartphone.
To download new maps directly to the smartphone via WiFi, go to the program along the way: Menu - Settings - Map - Map - Options (the middle button on the bottom line) - Download new maps.

Pedestrian crossings SPEEDCAM.
The set of warnings about dangerous road sections are now included and pedestrian crossings on the approach which requires the driver to reduce speed and increase attention. At the moment, a new base SPEEDCAM considering crosswalks is only available to residents of Kazakhstan. In a short time base SPEEDCAM with pedestrian crossings will be available for residents of other countries. Members Navitel, as before, can create their own amateur base SPEEDCAM, now and in the light of pedestrian crossings.
Improves overall stability and speed of navigation software.

Important! With Navitel update is recommended to use only the card format nm3 (Release Q3-2011 and newer).

Map of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Europe, Q4 2011
3'317 detailed cities and towns.
4'389'275 addresses contained in the map.
136'072 localities available for searching.
607'000 points POI.
2'908'000 miles of road graph.


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