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Paradigm GOCAD / SKUA v2009.2 Build 20091202

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In the exploration and production (E & P) field, state-of-the-art 3D modeling and construction of 3D grids is roughly equivalent among competing applications: the conventional technique for constructing a model is pillar-based. Unfortunately, in environments containing Y faults or oblique faults, this pillar-based construction requires modifications of the faults geometry and / or removal from the model. The technique introduces deformations of the grid cell geometry which adversely affect distribution of petrophysical properties and flow simulation results.
A Step-Change in Modeling
SKUA, the Subsurface Knowledge Unified Approach, is a 3D methodology that unifies all subsurface discrete models. SKUA embeds a native, fully-3D description of the faulted volumes. This is achieved by using the UVT Transform ®, a technology based on the observation that horizons represent geochronologic surfaces. Working with a paleo-geographically correct mesh, geoscientists can model geobodies, reservoir properties and other attributes in their true depositional state without distortion to the current geometry or the paleo-geometry.
Since requirements for modeling geologic grids and flow simulation grids are different, SKUA enables output of two genuine grids. Pillar-based applications, by comparison, output only one, and therefore not an optimal, grid. Flow simulation grids created in SKUA are corner point grids which can have faults represented either as pillars or as stair-steps across mostly vertical pillars. The choice of technique is left to the reservoir engineer.
The SKUA modeling approach offers two innovations:
# UVT (paleo-geographic) Transform
# Output of two grids
- A geologic grid optimized for geostatistics
- A flow simulation grid optimized for flow simulators
Focus on the True Geology
The SKUA methodology underlies Paradigm SKUA, the next-generation software environment that bridges the gap between seismic and simulation. Now, modelers can create grids consistent with true stratigraphy and structure. Paradigm SKUA eliminates the tedious and reductive modeling processes used to create the geology model. The geoscientist can easily honor all data and geologic rules to produce an accurate, paleo-geographic correct mesh in record time.
Highlights of SKUA 2009
Multi-Core Processing
SKUA 2009, now with multi-core modeling capabilities, effectively reduces computation time by up to eight times.
Stratigraphic Interpretation Modeling
The SKUA 2009 workflow expands SKUA capabilities into the interpretation field, linking the interpreter and modeler roles by tightly merging seismic structural and 3D chrono-stratigraphic interpretation with structural, stratigraphic and reservoir modeling. This improves interpretation quality and reduces cycle time and uncertainty in prospect definitions.
The Base Module contains the GOCAD Suite workflow foundations. All workflows present in the application modules (seismic, geology, and reservoir called "applets") share the same earth model maintained in this Base Module. The Base Module provides the shared canvas for all application modules and environments, and its integration simplifies the learning process and helps ensure data integrity, reducing the information loss that often occurs across applications. In addition to providing the shared earth vision, the Base Module is used for rapid generation of reliable structural models for preliminary analysis. The Paradigm intuitive structural modeling workflow facilitates the import and export of data and the generation of 2D maps and cross-sections. The workflow also promotes the easy construction of accurate fault geometries and automatic fault-fault and fault-horizon contacts. The Base Module enables cost-effective analysis of seismic data and supports the case for additional data acquisition and / or prospect leasing.
Key component features of the Base Module include 3D Viewer; Log Display, Cross-Section, and Map Views; and Structural Framework Builder. The module's key benefits include significant cost and time savings, added value, and improved exploration success.
As the foundation of the GOCAD Suite, all other modules are integrated with the Base Module as module "plug-ins." Tight integration between the modules goes beyond mere interfaces and instead operates with total data interoperability. This helps ensure data quality and accuracy when moving from application to application. Once the GOCAD Suite is opened, all modules are presented in the same window for virtually seamless interaction between modules.
A common workflow between the modules guides both the inexperienced user and the power user through the path of interpretation. Simple interpretations or complex interpretations are both easily navigated.
System Requirements:
Windows Vista (Business, Enterprise, or Ultimate Edition) and Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 2).
Note: The x86 versions of GOCAD 2009 can operate on Windows x64 systems.
Processor: Intel ® Core ™, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, or Xeon ® class processor; or AMD Athlon ™, Opteron ™, or Phenom ™ class processor recommended
Graphics adapter: 3D graphics adapter with a minimum resolution of 1280x1024 pixels supporting OpenGL ®. NVIDIA ® Quadro ® series recommended.
Year / Date: 2009/Dec 2
Version: 2009.2 Build 20091202
Developer: Paradigm Geophysical
Web Developer: Paradigm | - E&P Subsurface Software Solutions
Compatibility with Vista: complete
Compatible with Windows 7: no
Language: English
Medicine: Present
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