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Afterfall: Insanity (2011/Multi2/Repack by RG Shift)
2011 | PC | english/Russian | Developer : Intoxicate Studios and Nicolas Entertainment Group | Publisher : The Games Company | 2.4GB
Genre : Action, Shooter, 3D, 3rd person

Afterfall: Shadow of the Past a psychological survival horror, which offers fans of the genre through the blood stirring adventure in an atmosphere of overwhelming terror.
Caught in the gloomy underground bunkers, of which there is no escape, players pripodnimut veil of secrecy under which hides much more than just the madness of the inhabitants shelters.
During the investigation, they will face with difficult puzzles and come into confrontation with the brutal monsters, they often have to make difficult decisions. Same deal with the extremely difficult and dangerous task will not only reflexes, but also the ability to think logically and the ability to use the deductive method.

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