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MechCommander Dilogy (1999-2001MULTi2Repack by Sanctuary) Fast Full Download

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MechCommander Dilogy (1999-2001MULTi2Repack by Sanctuary)
MechCommander Dilogy (1999-2001/MULTi2/Repack by Sanctuary)
Year: 1999-2001 | PC | Eng Rus | Developer: FASA Interactive | Izdatelctvo: MicroProse, MicroSoft | 1.89 GB
Genre: RTS

What can be more likely to cause you a comprehensive attack of happiness? Fluffy kittens or puppies with huge fighting robots? If the second - start to enjoy. They are with us!

Ride a machine of deadly not happen, but nakomanduetes heart's content. Delay in the direction of the pilot headset and ran for an officer form - you are assigned mehkommanderom.
The words "You do not go there - here you go" acquire a new meaning for you, when you hear the answer - "Yes, sir." And no one dares to contradict. Multi-ton skins under the control of experienced mehvoinov waiting for your instructions!
Spread the plant missiles - easily! Laser burn hectares of forest - sha arrange! Gardens trampled into the mud - with joy! Smack an enemy of the nozzle bellows - uh ... ... Hey ... in the form, and then got such a beautiful and important? Come on, think of the tactics! Then a military conflict, if not noticed. Aha. Not so simple ...

The distribution includes:
»Full English version of MechCommander Gold (includes Desperate Measures)
"Full Russian translation of 7 Wolf
"Translated from the original campaign Fargus
"Translations of text, voice pilot, videos and briefings can be selected in various combinations, with a couple of reservations:
"" Translated from Fargus interface is available only to the original campaign - choosing it, play Desperate Measures will not work.
"" Transfer videos and briefings Fargus as calculated only to the original campaign, so briefings Desperate Measures will be established with the voice acting of the 7th Wolf.
"" But the voice of pilots using the same in the original campaign and in the appendix.
"For the Russian version uses polomatye exe'shniki. I broke down (similar to the crack for English version) - so if you pop up somewhere in the dead of error, report.

MechCommander 2
The distribution includes:
»Full English version of MechCommander 2
"Full Russian translation of the Triad
"Part of the Russian translation Fargus (also know how to ...)
"And just in case - a patch for modern graphics cards from flashwolf, revised EdCarnby
Install and run:
"Translations of text, voice pilot, videos and briefings can be selected in various combinations, again with a couple of reservations:
"" Fargus sounded not all that necessary - where not to be used sounded translation of the Triad.
"" Voiced by pilots from Fargus Out date - from both of the. Only the Triad.
"If you do not know if you need a patch for the graphics card - do not select it during installation. Since the game goes, it is not necessary. Otherwise, you can extract from the archive extB.dat (spetsom made the usual zipom) vidcard.csv file and throw it into the game folder.

Game Features:
"Huge military robots
"With huge guns
"A lot of them, a steeper another
"Individual approach to each combat unit
"Think, think, think again, and do not click where will anyhow
"These games are not even able to screw up melkomyagkie

Features repack:
The efficiency of games has been tested on these systems and graphics cards: WinXP SP3 (GeForce 9600 GT, 9600 GT M), Win7x64 (N560GTX, QuadroFX 1400), WinXP SP3 in VirtualBox from under LMDE (0_o). However, because both games are quite capricious, can not guarantee that all the other hardware will work perfectly. If that - tell.

System Requirements:
MechCommander Gold
Operating system: Windows 95/98
Processor: Pentium 133
Memory: 16 MB
Video: 2 MB
Sound system: pysch pysch-at least
Hard drive space: ~ 685 MB + 100 MB for temporary files

MechCOmmander 2
Operating system: Windows 98/ME/2000
Processor: 266 MHz
Memory: 64 MB
Video: 8 MB
Sound Card: Direct Sound
Hard drive space: ~ 550 MB + 50 MB for temporary files


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