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Napoleon: Total War Imperial Edition + DLCs (2010/MULTi2/SteamRip by RG Gamers)
2010 | PC | English/Russian | Developer: The Creative Assembly | Publisher: SEGA | 11.34GB
Genre: Strategy (Real time / Turn based) / 3D

The new project aims to bring all the best features of famous historical strategies cult series Total War.
Attention players will feature three story campaign the most important military campaigns of Napoleon Bonaparte, who had marked the milestones of his reign from the triumphant ascent to the throne before the infamous fall.
Players will be able to play the role of the legendary French commander or become the head of one of the opposing armies to him. In three campaigns will play the main Napoleonic Wars, from the victorious operations in Italy and Egypt, through which General Corsican made a meteoric rise, and became the emperor, to the fiasco of the Russian campaign in 1812 and defeat at the Battle of Waterloo Napoleons last large scale battle marked the end of an era in European history.

The role of personality in history. Three episodes from the life of Napoleon Bonaparte, folding into a single story of the great military leader three strategic map. The action of the first campaign is unfolding in northern Italy and Austria, the second in North Africa and the Middle East, the third in Europe.
On the battlefield. More than three hundred different units available to management, differ not only in appearance, but also the ability, for example, the Russian dragoons are not like their British namesake.
On the sea. The new system is damaged ships: now holes in the ship can be patched directly into the battle.
On a computer. Full potential of graphics engine Warscape, which created the previous game in the series Empire: Total War. New physics, improved visual effects and post processing color and chiaroscuro make the image even more quality, and optimization engine allows you to run the game on less powerful computers.
Campaign for the company. The different multiplayer modes and all that is needed for todays online battles: bonuses are used in the game, the system advances, the editor of a military uniform and voice chat.

Composition Imperial Edition
Imperial Edition
7th Lancers France These cavalrymen armed with lances, which makes them particularly lethal in attack. Peak allows the rider to direct all his weight and the weight of the horse racing in one very small point.
Brandenburg Prussia, Brandenburg lancers lancers one of the most experienced horsemen in Europe, which make their horses develop a breath taking speed.
1st Hussars Austria, without exception Hussars Regiment, 1st great riders who have a certain independence of spirit, so they are ideal for the prosecution of the scattered forces of the enemy.
The 15th Hussars UK 15th Hussars cavalry composed of veterans, it is extremely dangerous in close combat and in the attack. Due to their speed, they are ideal for the prosecution of the shooters and the suppression of artillery units.
1st Battalion Grenadier East Prussia Prussia only the biggest and bravest men can become grenadiers. Their size and strength make them daunting in the attack and give them an advantage in close combat.
6th Light Infantry France Historically, during the Napoleonic wars of the 6th regiment participated in more than forty battles and was awarded seven battle honors for their achievements.
Jager Regiment 17 Capable of Russia to fight in open order or small to massed volley fire in the formal system, hunters can captain quickly to changing enemy tactics.
An Imperial Regiment Austria 1st Regiment of the Imperial consists of battle hardened Czech soldiers in deadly bayonet, and in fire fighting.
18 line infantry regiment of Brave ??France 18th Regiment honored by their countrymen, who called him brave. It consists of experienced soldiers, making it a very valuable on the battlefield.
Moscow musketeers Russia organized in the ranks, they can lead a massed volley fire at the enemy, and when he falter, to begin to pursue him in the decisive bayonet charge.

Present DLC
Elite Regiments
Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars
Imperial Guard Pack
Coalition Battle Pack
Peninsular Campaign
HMS Elephant
Royal Scots Greys
Grand Battery of the Convention
Community Reward Unit

Installation and Startup | Change language
Napoleon: Total War Imperial Edition + DLCs
1.raspakovat game using Napoleon.Total.War.IE. &. DLCs.RU RGIgromany.exe
2.Skopirovat contents of the folder Crack (DCCentR, SKIDROW) in the game folder (... \ common \ napoleon total war \) 100
3.Zapuskaem game Napoleon.exe (... \ common \ napoleon total war \) 100
Changing the language setting is carried out in the game folder from the folder corresponding package Language Pack

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows XR / Vista / 7
Processor: 2 GHz Intel / AMD (with SSE2) 2,6 GHz
Memory: 2 GB (XP) / 3 GB (Vista / 7)
Video: 256 MB of video memory and support for Shader 2b
Sound card: compatible with DirectX 9.0
Free space on hard disk: 20 GB

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