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Eufloria, you may find it tough to tell exactly what kind of game it is, or if it's really a game at all. When you finally wrap your head around it, you may get the impression that this is the most relaxing and mellow real-time strategy game you'll ever play. That feeling doesn't last forever, though, as Eufloria evolves into a game that gets difficult at times. Still, it makes a graceful jump from the PC to the PlayStation 3 with some new features and improved gameplay that make it well worth playing, particularly if you missed it the first time.

The easiest way to describe Eufloria's gameplay is to compare it to the board game Risk. Usually, your ultimate goal is to take over the entire map by capturing territories. In Eufloria, perfectly spherical asteroids serve as the coveted land resource, and you can only travel to asteroids that are more or less adjacent to your units (as least in the sense that the Earth is "adjacent" to the moon because we're talking about space). You want to create life on those asteroids by planting trees, and the primary type is the Dyson tree, which creates seedlings. For all intents and purposes, seedlings are the only unit you need to worry about in Eufloria, which is one of the biggest factors in keeping the gameplay simple. Not only are seedlings your soldiers and scouts, but they're also your resource for creating new trees on asteroids.

To take over an asteroid, the opposing seedlings must destroy at least one of its trees and then burrow into the center of the asteroid to beat it into submission from within. It's harder to kill a tree if the tree fights back, so you can plant defensive trees that launch explosives at attacking seedlings. Trees also mature over time, making them both harder to kill and more productive, so it's in your best interest to protect asteroids you already own in addition to taking new territory. Things are mixed up a little bit by the fact that different planets have different attributes for energy, strength, and speed. Seedlings will have the same stats as the planet on which they're produced, so some planets (usually the larger ones) are more valuable than others. You can also take advantage of laser mines to take out large groups of weak seedlings, and later in the game, you can upgrade your Dyson trees to make more powerful seedlings.

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