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Day Z v. [ARMA 2 mod] (2012/MULTi2)
Year: 2012 | PC | Eng Rus | Developer: Bohemia Interactive Studio + | Publisher: Idea Games | 17 Gb
Genre: FPS

Not so long ago started an open alpha testing hardcore cooperative fashion Arma II: CO called DayZ, which is in post-apocalyptic setting of sendboks. This is pure survival MMOFPS without limiting the freedom of action and a permanent character death.

225 square kilometers of space Chernorussii area which has suffered from an unknown infection, had time to destroy much of the world and turned people into soulless zombies. You are one of the survivors with immunity, but what to do in this huge world? This is your question, relax in nature clearly will not work. Not only is infected will try to kill you, so also the other players can see you just a bag of food, supplies and weapons. The game at this stage, some empty, but the players themselves to cover the social aspects.

ArmA 2 was again at the peak of their popularity. In the Steam game is in the top five best sellers, and all thanks to this fashion.

- Realistic "Zombies" with its own animation - former human beings who have hearing and smell, but the visually impaired. They use motion captured animations for walking and eating breakfast your wounded body.
- New weapons and vehicles!
- Its system of medicine.
- Constant server - spent many hours working towards the goal, or looking for materials and server crashes, losing all your progress? Well with all the stats server Dayz is stored in our external database.
- Tons of new objects - We just added ouzhie, we are proud that we can find things such as water, canned food, garbage and spare parts, etc.
- Hunting and Survival - Food and drink is an essential part of gameplay.


- Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
- Processor: Intel Core / AMD Athlon processor with a clock frequency of 2.4 GHz
- Memory: 1GB (1.5GB for Vista / 7) 2GB
- Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT/ATI Radeon 3650 or better with 512 MB of video memory and support Shader Model 3
- Free space on hard disk: 16 GB free disk space

A. First, install Arma 2. The key is to install 61GJ-K7RGA-FLCYE-8M86T-SMPLH
Two. Then set the Arma 2 "Operation Arrow." Set in the same folder where it was installed Arma 2.
Attention, to establish name in the folder with the game Arma 2. That is, For example: Arma 2 is set in D: \ Games \ Arma2. When you install the OA and select the directory "D: \ Games \ Arma2", you are likely to offer something in the likeness of the next version of the "D: \ Games \ Arma2 \ Arma2_Operation_Arrowhead". Erase the last name of the folder and install it in "D: \ Games \ Arma2".
When you install the GA using the purchased key. Keys found on the Internet or elsewhere, will at best play only in Single player. The installation of anti-cheat BattlEye have to agree.
You can then install the 2.1 patch 1.6 patch for ARMA 2. It is on the way.
Three. Install the patch 1.60 (ARMA2OA_Update_160).

How to install mod:
A. Create a folder the game installed the following folders: @ DayZ \ Addons \. That is, As a result, for example, should get a folder: D: \ Games \ Arma2 \ @ DayZ \ Addons \. In this folder copy the file from Day Z Mod.
Two. Create a new shortcut to the executive (. Exe) file Operation Arowhead, from which to launch the game. Rename the shortcut, for example, "Arma2DayzMod". Open the properties of the shortcut. Open the tab "Shortcut". In the object, after the location and name of the label is entered as follows:-nosplash-mod = @ DayZ. You should have, for example, the following: D: \ Games \ Arma2 \ "Operation Arrowhead.exe"-mod = @ DayZ

Installing the latest beta patch, ArmA II: OA
A brief digression in the form of B \ A.

Q: What is a beta patch? Why did it to me? We are here, well fed!
A: Bohemia Interactive will occasionally update the game, releasing all sorts of fixes for their projects.
In this case we are talking specifically about the patch for Arma II: Operation Arrowhead, which is compatible with DayZ Mod.

Q: This patch is in some way affect the work of fashion Dayz?
A: Optimizes the game and fix some bugs that are found not only in DayZ.

Q: Okay, now I understand why you need it. But why can not I automatically update the current version of the game before the beta patch?
(Applies only to the Steam-version, where there is support for automatic updates of game)
A: Policy Bohemia Interactive - first pass through the patch beta test, and then, after testing, to release a couple of beta patches, with some corrections.
It was only after the patch is stable, it is added to the list for auto-update through Steam.

Q: And what about those who have a boxed version (no-steam, I mean.)
A: Updates, as always, they need to install handles.

Q: All right. And where can I download the latest version of the patch?
A: List of all the beta patches for Arma II: OA is available directly from this link: Beta patch

Q: And how do I know which patches I download?
A: It's simple: the link to download the latest version of the patch is located at the top (Latest beta patch).

Q: What is the "Changelog"?
A: Here you can explore the changes \ fixes that are included in this version of the patch.
Language, alas, English only. Patches are made frequently, so the translation is not very reasonable. But be that as it may, if you have questions about the general content - please direct them.

Q: Are there any additional benefits of using the beta patch, except for fixes?
A: Yes, absolutely. If you are using the latest beta patch, you will have the opportunity to play both conventional servers that run on version 1.6.0 patch, and servers with the beta patch.

Q: Is there an opportunity to launch Arma II: OA directly through Steam? I zadrot and find no impermissible to count time spent gaming! A
A: At the moment, unnecessarily to run the patch using the "left" label. But it is possible that there are craftsmen who can help us figure it out.

Q: What if I do not want to spoil the current stable version of the patch?
A: Beta patch does not conflict with the normal version of the patch and all its files intact.

Q: The game, for some reason, it runs in a window. How is it treated?
A: Remove the parameter "-window" from a copy of the label (see instructions below)

We now proceed directly to the process of installing the patch.

Install the patch (set automatically).
Here I had not realized that they had, most likely, what is written below for the steam vresii. It is easier to simply open a shortcut Launch Arma2 OA Beta Patch and finish it as in the usual "-mod = @ dayz" without the quotes.

After installation, go to the directory with the game (it looks like this: D: \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ arma 2 operation arrowhead).
In the directory find a shortcut _runA2CO_beta DayZ.cmd and make it up right in the same folder.
Rename the label so as not to lose it in the future.
The next step - to edit the startup shortcut (right click> Open With> select Notepad).
Now, a slight movement of two fingers, poke CTRL + F and do a search on the document, and we are looking for a line that begins with ": run" (without the quotes, of course).
All that is required of you - add "-mod = @ dayz" (without quotes, again) in the row below the parameter ": run" in front of these very characters:% 1% 2% 3% 4% 5% 6% 7 % 8% 9
Line should look something like this (do not copy this line of stupid, because here we have the individual parameters to be pitch):
call "\ Expansion \ beta \ ARMA2OA.exe" "-mod =; EXPANSION; ca" "-mod = Expansion \ beta; Expansion \ beta \ Expansion"-nosplash-skipintro-noPatchCheck-world = empty-malloc = tbb4malloc_bi-cpuCount = 4-exThreads = 7-maxMem = 8192% 1% 2% 3% 4% 5% 6% 7% 8% 9

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