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Eben Pagan - Marketing Step by Step Fast Full Download

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Eben Pagan - Marketing Step by Step

Eben Pagan - Marketing Step by Step
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Authored by Eben Pagan | Duration: ~ 270m | Released: 2011
Genre: eLearning


Marketing Step By Step is a brand new course from Eben Pagan which hasn't been separately released. It is available as a bonus for Self Made Wealth.
Eben is a master at marketing and persuasion.
19 videos and 15 hours of marketing training, he's taught marketing as part of courses like Get Altitude and Guru Mastermind but this is the first 100% course on marketing Eben has created.
The only other people who've got access to this program is as a bonus from other affiliate promotions by Eben himself.

Session 1: Introduction to Marketing
Session 2: 12 Marketing Mindsets
Session 3: Why We Think, Feel, & Behave the Way We Do
Session 4: What are Your Customers Really Buying - and Why?
Session 5: Discovering Customer Needs
Session 6: Creating Your Customer Avatar
Session 7: Branding vs. Response Marketing
Session 8: Marketing as Education
Session 9: Naming Your Product or Service
Session 10: Positioning - Owning Your Mental Niche
Session 11: Stair Step Marketing
Session 12: "Move the Free Line"
Session 13: The Headline Formula
Session 14: Your Conversion Story
Session 15: Marketing Copy that Sells
Session 16: How to Ask For Action
Session 17: Marketing Message Formula
Session 18: Partnering With Others To Sell Your Products & Services
Session 19: The Referral Formula
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