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Psychedelic drugs and mysticism e-books
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addiction. brizer and castaneda (2010) clinical addiction psychiatry.pdf
addiction. browne-miller (2009) praeger collection of addictions.pdf
addiction. hales et al (2011) american psychiatric publishing textbook of substance abuse management, 4th ed.pdf
DMT. amaringo (1999) ayahuasca visions.pdf
DMT. shanon (2002) antipodes of the mind - charting the phenomenology of the ayahuasca experience.pdf
DMT. strassman (2001) DMT - the spirit molecule.pdf
ethnobortany. schultes (1976) hallucinogenic plants - a golden guide.pdf
ethnobotany. furst (1976) hallucinogens and culture.pdf
ethnobotany. harner (1972) hallucinogens and shamanism.pdf
ethnobotany. ott (1996) pharmacotheon - entheogenic drugs, their plant sources and history.pdf
ethnobotany. schultes et al (2001) plants of the gods - their sacred healing and hallucinogenic powers.pdf
ethnobotany. wasson et al (1978 ) the road to eleusis - unveiling the secret of the mysteries.pdf
ethnobotany. wasson et al (1986) persephone's quest - entheogens and the origins of religion.pdf
ketamine. jansen (2000) ketamine - dreams and realities.pdf
ketamine. moore (1978 ) journeys into the bright world.pdf
LSD. abrahamson (1967) the use of LSD in psychotherapy and alcoholism.pdf
LSD. blewett (1959) handbook for the therapeutic use of lysergic acid diethylamide-25-individual and group procedures.pdf
LSD. braden (1967) the private sea - LSD and the search for god.pdf
LSD. cohen (1967) the beyond within - the LSD story.pdf
LSD. derold and leae (1967) LSD, man & society.pdf
LSD. eisner (2002) remembrances of LSD therapy past.pdf
LSD. hofmann (1980) LSD, my problem child.pdf
LSD. lee (1985) acid dreams. the complete social history of LSD - the CIA, the sixties, and beyond.pdf
LSD. solomon (1964) LSD the consciousness expanding drug.pdf
LSD. stafford (1967) LSD - the problem solving psychedelic.pdf
LSD. stevens (1988 ) storming heaven - LSD & the american dream.pdf
MDMA. holland (2001). ecstasy - the complete guide.pdf
MDMA. koellhoffer (2008 ) ecstasy and other club drugs.pdf
MDMA. sanders (2006) drugs, clubs and young people sociological and public health perspectives.pdf
MDMA. valter and arrizabalaga (1998 ) designer drugs directory.pdf
mysticism. dass (1971) be here now.pdf
mysticism. hood and spilka (2009) the psychology of religion - an empirical approach.pdf
mysticism. horgan (2003) rational mysticism - dispatches from the border between science and spirituality.pdf
mysticism. mcnamara (2006) where god and science meet.pdf
mysticism. pahnke (1963) drugs and mysticism - an analysis of the relationship between psychedelic drugs and the mystical consciousness, phd thesis.pdf
mysticism. steinbock (2007) phenomenology and mysticism - the verticality of religious experience.pdf
mysticism. watts (1962) the joyous cosmology - adventures in the chemistry of consciousness.pdf
mysticism. william james (1902) the varieties of religious experience.pdf
mysticism. yogananda (2003) autobiography of a yogi.pdf
psychedelics. aaronson and osmond (1970) psychedelics the uses and implications of hallucinogenic drugs.pdf
psychedelics. efron (1969) psychotomimetic drugs.pdf
psychedelics. grinspoon and bakalar (1979)psychedelic drugs reconsidered.pdf
psychedelics. hobson (2002) the dream drugstore - chemically altered states of consciousness.pdf
psychedelics. hoffer and osmond (1967) the hallucinogens.pdf
psychedelics. huxley (1952) the doors of perception.pdf
psychedelics. leary et al (1964) the psychedelic experience - a manual based on the tibetan book of the dead.pdf
psychedelics. masters and houston (1966) the varieties of psychedelic experience.pdf
psychedelics. shulgin and shulgin (1991) pihkal phenethylamines i have known and loved.pdf
psychedelics. stolaroff (2004) the secret chief revealed - conversations with a pioneer of the underground psychedelic therapy movement.pdf
psychedelics. walsh and grob (2005) higher wisdom - eminent elders explore the continuing impact of psychedelics.pdf
psychopharmacology. roth (2006) the serotonin receptors.pdf
psychopharmacology. stahl (2000) essential psychopharmacology, 2nd ed.pdf
schizotypy. clarke (2010) psychosis and spirituality - consolidating the new paradigm, 2nd ed.pdf
shrooms. allegro (1970) the sacred mushroom and the cross.pdf
shrooms. letcher (2006) shroom - a cultural history of the magic mushroom.pdf
shrooms. wasson and wasson (1957) mushrooms russia and history.pdf
tryptamines. shulgin and shulgin (1997) TiHKAL tryptamines i have known and loved (full).pdf

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