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Anderszewski - On Beethovens Diabelli Variations DVDrip

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The film begins with a series of illustrated explanations in which Piotr Anderszewski gives his thoughts on the analysis and performance of the Diabelli Variations. It is followed by a complete performance of the piece, filmed and edited in such a way as to reconcile spontaneity, perfection of the sound and eloquence of the pianists expression

--------Beethoven?s Diabelli Variations, a personal view--------

Even given the elevated standards set by Beethoven?s late Piano Sonatas, the Diabelli Variations stands as the supreme achievement of Beethoven?s pianistic art, and plausibly the greatest composition for solo instrument ever written. Nowhere is his mastery of subtle thematic transformations, and his extraordinary genius for creating sublime music from tiny, and even trivial, motivic fragments, displayed more clearly. The richness of invention in the Diabelli ? its shifting musical forms, changes of rhythm, dynamics and expressive rhetoric; its sometime restlessness, sometime quietude - all combine with an overar.htmching architectural structure to give us an intellectual tour de force unsurpassed in all the piano repertoire.

There are several metaphorical prisms through which we may refract the Diabelli in our attempts to interpret and understand it but, for me at any rate, to engage with the Diabelli is to engage with life itself, with all of life?s struggles and triumphs, exertions and periods of rest, laughter, sorrows, comedy, farce, tenderness and bombast, hopes and despair. In other words the Diabelli is, like life itself, a journey ? and like life (but unlike Bach?s great Goldberg Variations) the Diabelli does not end where it began. It transcends its origins, both musically and intellectually, culminating in a sublime Minuet which, like many of its other variations, whilst owing much to Bach, is pure Beethoven.

--------How the Diabelli Variations came to be composed--------

In 1819, Austrian music publisher and composer Anton Diabelli invited about fifty of the most prominent composers of the day to write a variation on the theme of a waltz of his own composition, for a collective publication. Among those who participated in this project were Czerny, Schubert, Hummel, and the young Liszt who was then only eleven. Beethoven at first declined the invitation. However, he eventually changed his mind and, after four years of labour, finally produced not just one but a collection of thirty-three variations. A prodigious work that, technically as well as emotionally, fathoms all the possibilities of the genre. A veritable labyrinth in which the performer must, aside from overcoming enormous instrumental difficulties, discover and convey the guiding thread.

-------About Piotr Anderszewski-------

Only the greatest pianists dare tackle this masterpiece, yet Piotr Anderszewskis early reputation was in fact built around his confrontation with this intimidating opus. While most performers wait to reach so-called maturity before approaching a work of such massive scope, Anderszewski - at that time a complete unknown and only twenty-one years of age - included the Diabelli Variations in the programme he performed at the Leeds International Piano Competition in 1990. This bold move was unprecedented: candidates in such competitions usually attempt to sparkle without taking risks, in more easily accessible works by Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Liszt and company. Anderszewskis performance skyrocketed him into both public and critical acclaim which has continued since

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