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VA - I Love ZYX Italo Disco Collection Vol.1 13 (39 CD) Fast Full Download

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VA - I Love ZYX Italo Disco Collection Vol.1 13 (39 CD)
VA - I Love ZYX Italo Disco Collection Vol.1 13 (39 CD)

VA - I Love ZYX Italo Disco Collection Vol.1 13 (39 CD)
2002 2012 | MP3 320 kbps | 01:22:01:57 | 6.3GB
Genre : Italo Disco
2002 ZYX Italo Disco Collection 1
01 Cyber People Polaris
02 Ken Laszlo Hey Hey Guy (US Remix)
03 Brian Ice Tokyo (DJ Version)
04 Hypnosis Droid (Automatic Piano)
05 Patrick Colby Mandrill (Extended Version)
06 Koto Jabdah (DJ Version)
07 Alan Ross Valentino Mon Amour (Dub Extended)
08 50 & 50 Brothers Red Man (After Rain Mix)
09 Roy Shooting Star (Dub Version)
10 Babys Gang America (Swedish Remix)
11 Hot Cold I Can Hear Your Voice (Vocal Extended)
12 Image Hot Stuff (Long Version)
13 Eugene Free Your Life (DJ Version)
01 Argentina Baby Dont You Break My Heart
02 Brian Ice Walking Away (Vocal Extended)
03 Cyber People Digital Signal Processor (Remix)
04 Roxanne Show Me (Remix)
05 Amadhouse Shock Me (Extended)
06 Mike Cannon Going Crazy (Extended Vocal Mix)
07 Joe Lettieri Youll Be Mine (Mix Vox)
08 Life Movies Love Me Now (Base)
09 Apple In Jacket New World (Vocal)
10 The Kittchen Club Cant Stay
11 DJ Lelwel House Machine
12 Flo Astaire Monkey Monkey (45 Vox)
13 Max n Sandy Keep The Joint
01 Various Mas Mix Que Nunca (Long Version)
02 D.J. Effects D.J. Effects
03 Koto The Koto Mix
04 DJ Lelwel Sound Effects
05 Roy Shooting Star (Bonus Beat)
06 Roy Shooting Star (Acapella)
07 Various Mas Mix Que Nunca (Disco Version)
2003 ZYX Italo Disco Collection 2
01 Funny Twins You And Me (Vocal)
02 Albert One Hopes & Dreams
03 Duke Lake Dance Tonight
04 Savage Good Bye (Extended Version)
05 Alan Berry Hie Hie Hie
06 Joe Yellow Wild Boy (Extended Version)
07 Koto Visitors (Vocal Remix)
08 Magazine 60 Que Nose
09 Solo Harem
10 Chip Chip Everything You Love
11 P. Lion Dream
12 Lala Johnny (Mix)
01 Max Coveri Guy Guy (Full Power Version)
02 Magazine 60 Pancho Villa (Version Internationale)
03 Joe Yellow Easy Lovers (Mix Edit)
04 Chip Chip So Close To Heaven
05 Brian Ice Night Girl
06 Ninja Bye Bye
07 Midnight Passion I Need Your Love
08 Jessica Open Your Heart
09 Jimmy & Suzy Come Back (Version Disco)
10 Styloo Pretty Face
11 S 50 Input
12 Patty Ryan Stay With Me Tonight
01. Dario Diviacchi / Waiting For Heaven (Vocal Mix)
02. Felli / Greatest Mind (Vocal)
03. Rene / Dont Hurt Me (Vocal)
04. The Fashion / Future Girl (Vocal Mix)
05. City O / Rose Of Tokyo
06. K A T A / Fires In The Night (Vocal Version)
07. Blue Russel / I Wanna Fly Away (Voca Mix)
08. Meet Point / Play The Night (D Version)
09. Plastic Mode / Baja Imperial (Us Remix)
10. Marx And Spencer / Follow You Follow Me
11. Mike Best / Lady Duck (Vocal)
2005 ZYX Italo Disco Collection 3
01 Michael Bedford More Than A Kiss
02 Roger Meno I Find The Way
03 Albert One For Your Love
04 K.B. Caps Catch Me Now Im Falling
05 Danuta Whenever You Go
06 Ken Laszlo Madame
07 Joe Yellow Runner
08 Joy Peters Dont Lose Your Heart
09 Cliff Turner Moonlight Affair
10 Grant Miller Tracks In Snow
11 Divina Baby Blue
12 Nicky & Nicky Souvenir
01 Mike Mareen Stand Up
02 T. Ark Under Cover Lover
03 On T.V. Holiday Love Affair
04 Danuta Nobodys Woman
05 Patty Ryan I Dont Wanna Lose You Tonight
06 The Hurricanes Only One Night
07 Grant Miller Red For Love
08 Solid Strangers Gimme The Light
09 Jessica Like A Burning Star
10 Del Faro Bandiera La Playa Del Sol
11 Cliff Turner I Need Your Love
12 Joe Lockwood Hey You
01 Michael Bedford Tonight
02 Rose Magic Carillon
03 Patty Ryan Stay With Me Tonight
04 K. B. Caps Julia
05 Roger Meno What My Heart Wanna Say
06 Facts & Fiction Give Me The Night
07 Mike Mareen Lady Ecstasy
08 Moulin Rouge Boys Dont Cry
09 Grant Miller Doctor For My Heart
10 Jessica Chinese Magic
11 Solid Strangers My Delight
12 Radiorama Yeti
2006 ZYX Italo Disco Collection 4
01 Silent Circle Danger Danger
02 Scotch Pictures
03 Brian Ice Over Again
04 K. B. Caps Do You Really Need Me
05 Solid Strangers Music In The Night
06 Michael Bedford Space Boys
07 R. Bais Dial My Number
08 Joy Peters One Night In Love
09 Interface Plastic Age
10 Mozzart Money
11 Silver Pozzoli Chica Boom
01 Lee Marrow Mr. Fantasy
02 Silver Pozzoli Pretty Baby
03 Primadonna Angel You
04 Mike Mareen One Day Love
05 Amadeus Liszt Win The Race
06 Cruisin Gang On The Beach Tonight
07 U.K. Roadrunner
08 Lian Ross Say Youll Never
09 Danuta Touch My Heart
10 Rose Fairy Tale
11 Stravaganza Pray
01 P. Lion Dream
02 Wish Key Last Summer
03 Joe Yellow Take My Heart
04 Key West Jesahel
05 Anthonys Games Sunshine Love
06 Mike Mareen Agent Of Liberty
07 Brando Rainy Day
08 Valentino Tonight
09 Djs Project How Are You
10 Sweet Connection Need Your Passion
11 Ross Dont Stop
2006 ZYX Italo Disco Collection 5
01 Perestroika Power Animal Farm (Extended Version)
02 Josy Magic (Extended Version)
03 Lian Ross Fantasy (New Remix)
04 LAffair Secret Eyes (Extended Version)
05 Max Him Lady Fantasy (Remix)
06 Tabu Dapache Colours (Extended Version)
07 Jules You And Me (Extended Version)
08 Cruisin Gang America (Extended Version)
09 Claudia T. Dance With Me (Dance Version)
10 Djs Project Vision Of Love (Extended Version)
11 Camaros Gang Fuerza Major (Extended Version)
01 Lou Stern Swiss Boy (Extended Version)
02 Deborah Danger For Love
03 Psychic Interface Tribal Stomp (Extended Version)
04 Cruisin Gang Tap Dancing Woody Up (Vocal Version)
05 Digital Ram Do It (Extended Version)
06 Roger Meno What My Heart Wanna Say (Extended Version)
07 Camaros Gang Bronx (Maxi Version)
08 Jules I Want To ... (Extended Version)
09 Gina Let Me Free (Dance Version)
10 Jackie Touche Watch Out
11 Styloo Pretty Face
01 Cruisin Gang Traces Of Sand
02 Joe Yellow Love At First (Extended Version)
03 K.B. Caps Do You Really Need Me (Extended Version)
04 Duke Lake Do You (Vocal Version)
05 Shipra Blinded By The Light (Maxi Version)
06 Sauvage Do You Want Me (Dance Version)
07 Chip Chip Everything You Love (Dolce Vita Edit)
08 Coo Coo Upside Down (Full Power DJ Mix)
09 King Kong & DJungle Girls Lies (Full Power DJ Mix)
10 Thomas & Schubert Crank It Up (Full Cry Mix)
11 Paula Evans Ciao (Extended Versio
2007 ZYX Italo Disco Collection 6
01 Lian Ross Saturday Night
02 Robert Tomas When I Let You Down
03 New Baccara Fantasy Boy (Extended Version)
04 Valerie Dore Lancelot
05 Argentina Lets All Dance (Club Mix)
06 Lena Run To Me
07 Mozzart Jasmin China Girl
08 Venice Ever And Ever (High E Version)
09 Sheila Steward Its You
10 Shy Rose I Cry For You (Toney Ds Extended Mix)
11 Savage So Close (Long Version)
01 Shy Rose Only Men (Toney Ds Extended Version)
02 Sly & Hunter No More Vision (Extended Version)
03 Hugh Bullen Night Girl (Toney Ds Extended Mix)
04 Creative Connection Youre My Heart Youre My Soul (Extended Version)
05 Silver Pozzoli Step By Step (Extended Version)
06 Karl Olivas Its Alright
07 Marx & Spencer Stay (Matiz Remix)
08 Coo Coo You Can Set Me Free (Dance Version)
09 Savage Im Loosing You (Extended Version)
10 Claudia T. Fatal Destination
11 Sheila Steward Tonight
01 Savage I Just Died In Your Arms (Extended Version)
02 Creative Connection Scratch My Name (Extended Version)
03 Shy Rose Feat. Toney D & The Lovetrip You Are My Desire (Extended Mix)
04 Click Duri Duri (Baila Baila) (Extended Version)
05 Tina Gabriel If You Say You Love Me (Extended Mix)
06 Eddie Huntington Meet My Friend (Extended Version)
07 Linda Jo Rizzo Just One World
08 Rygar Star Tracks
09 Dave Rodgers Rich And Famous
10 Thomas & Shubert Little Flower (Extended Version)
11 Latin Lover Casanova Action
2007 ZYX Italo Disco Collection 7
01 Rex Abe I Can Feel It
02 Mauro Buona Sera Ciao Ciao (Holiday Dance Mix)
03 Charlie G. Llama Lamour (Extended Version)
04 Silent Circle I Am Your Believer (Club Version)
05 Coccobello Cocco Bello
06 Deblanc Monnalisa (Extended Version)
07 Dandy Casanova (Extended Version)
08 If Jealousy (Extended Version)
09 Karl Olivas Follow Me
10 Kamillo Buenas Noche (Radio Version)
11 Wilson Ferguston Show Me (Extended Version)
12 Patty Ryan Feat. Systems In Blue Should I Stay Should I Go
01 Ceyx Malavita (Impossibila Version)
02 Dandy Raise Tonight (Full Power Dj Mix)
03 N.O.I.A. True Love (Sexual Version)
04 Mauro Bossanova Girl (Maxi Version)
05 Moulin Rouge Stranger (Power Mix)
06 Wilson Ferguson Im Singing Again (Vocal Version)
07 Oskar Japanese Joy (12 Version)
08 Banda Aca Barbarella
09 Florence Trading Love (Extended Version)
10 Loco Loco Hey, Mr. D.J. (12 Version)
11 The D. Light Scratch Your Face (Vocal Version)
12 Charlie Spacer Woman (Vocal Version)
01 Mauro Lady Africa (Safari Mix)
02 Silent Circle Forget The Stranger (Maxi Version)
03 Julian Straight To My Heart (Maxi Version)
04 Deblanc Mon Amour
05 New Baccara Touch Me (Erotic Dance Mix)
06 Creative Connection Dont You Go Away (Special Dj Mix)
07 Chip Chip No More Tears (Mix Master Version)
08 Coo Coo All You Need Is Love (Extended Version)
09 King Kong & DJungle Girls Its So Funny (Extended Banana Version)
10 Valentino You Are The Sunshine (Extended Version)
11 Clock On 5 Secret Life (Extended Dance Version)
12 Patty Ryan Feat. Systems In Blue One Summer Night In Moscow
2008 ZYX Italo Disco Collection 8
01 Johnny M5 Give Me Your Love (Maxi Version)
02 Mauro Buona Sera Ciao Ciao (Club Mix)
03 Peter Richard Walking In The Neon (Club Version)
04 Grant Miller Wings Of Love (12 Love Mix)
05 Coccobello Cocco Bello (Mix Version)
06 Mike Mareen Cecilia (Extended Version)
07 K.B. Caps Do You Realy Need Me (Remix)
08 Amadeuz Liszt The Devil Wins (Extended Version)
09 Silent Circle What A Shame (Masterbeat Mix)
10 Raggio Di Luna (Moon Ray) Comanchero (Vocal)
11 Martinelli Voice In The Night (Vocal Version)
01 Ceyx Malavita (Extended Version)
02 Facts & Fiction I Wanna Wake Up With You
03 Hot & Cold Dont Talk About It (European Version)
04 Mauro Ole Ole Bandolito Amor (Sun Mix)
05 Mozzart Malice And Vice (Maxi Version)
06 Johnny M5 Moscow Nights (Maxi Version)
07 Airplay For Your Love (Maxi Version)
08 Raggio Di Luna (Moon Ray) Viva (Vocal Version)
09 Ninja Falling Down
10 Martinelli Revolution (Vocal Version)
11 Shipra Joy (In My Heart) (Extended Version)
12 Jago Im Going To Go (Original Mix)
01 Mauro Lady Africa (Dancefloor Mix)
02 Ninja Mad About Love
03 Martinelli Victoria (Vocal Version)
04 Total Toly Oriental Acupuncture (Maxi Version)
05 Johnny M5 Shadows Of My Dream (Maxi Version)
06 Roxanne Give A Little Love (Maxi Version)
07 Max Him Danger Danger
08 Silver Pozzoli From You To Me
09 T. Ark Count On Me
10 Italian Boys Forever Lovers (Extended Vocal Version)
11 Boy Broken Wings (Extended Version)
12 Mayte Matee I Do I Do
2009 ZYX Italo Disco Collection 9
01 Bon Ton Video Killed The Radio Star (Vocal)
02 Coangielu Feeling (Extended Version)
03 Chaya Russian Affair (Extended Version)
04 Gazuzu Go Go Gorilla (Vocal Version)
05 R. Bais Take The Love (Club Mix)
06 Max Him Melanie (Maxi Version)
07 Lee Young Napoleon (Napolion) (Tecno Side)
08 Tony Turn Cherry Cherry
09 Chip Chip Never Say Goodbye
10 The Kitch Club Cant Stop Saying I Love You (Club Version)
11 Fellini Passenger (Extended Version)
01 Savage I Love Again (Special Remix)
02 Fable Time Russia (Maxi Version)
03 Milou Sentimental Lover (Maxi Version)
04 Del Faro Baby Baby (Adamnski ReEdit)
05 L.A. Messina Day Dream (Vocal)
06 Stargo Live Is Life
07 Fake Frogs In Spain (New Remix)
08 Mark Jay Whacha Gonna Do (Vocal)
09 Sinery Dont You Know
10 T. Ark How Old Are You
11 Cosa Nostra Tutto Va (Italian Hit Medley)
01 Lee Marrow Sayonara (Dont Stop) (Vocal Version)
02 Sir Valentine And I Love Her (Mix Version)
03 Fair Control Symphony Of Love (Maxi Version)
04 Antonella El Diablo (Extended Version)
05 Talkin Fog Wait Baby Wait
06 Koto Dragons Legend
07 Captain Hook Come Back To Niagara
08 Veronique Dream On Violin (New Vocal Version)
09 Finzy Kontini O La La
10 Mac Jr. Elephant Song (Vocal Version)
11 Amandras Another Lover (Disco Maxi Mix)
2009 ZYX Italo Disco Collection 10
01. My Mine Hypnotic Tango (Extended Player 89)
02. Robert Camero Lady Suprise (12 Version)
03. Broken Dreams Broken Dreams (12 Version)
04. Taco Got To Be Your Lover (Special D.J. Remix)
05. Alan Barry Tell Me The Reason (12 Version)
06. Ken Laszlo (Extended Vocal Remix) (Swedish Remix)
07. Mr. Zivago Little Russian (Vocal 12 Version)
08. Caron Out Of The Night (The First Step) (12 Version)
09. Milou Change Your Mind (Dancefloor Version)
10. Mike Mareen Dancing In The Dark (Galctica Remix)
11. Mayte Matee I Do I Do (B Side 12 Version)
12. Joy Lost In Hongkong (12 Version)
01. Raggio Di Luna Comanchero (Special Disco Remix)
02. Neil Smith Help Me Through The Summer (Vocal 12 Version)
03. Radiorama Yeti (Special R.E.M.I.X.)
04. New Romantique Shy Like An Angel (12 Version)
05. Op.8 / Butterfly (Vocal 12 Version)
06. Silver Pozzoli Pretty Baby (Swedish Remix)
07. Glamour Station Evry Body Does It (12 Version)
08. Nove Ride My Bike (Vocal 12 Version)
09. Cliff Turner Sunset Rendezvous (Maxi Version)
10. Mr. Freaky Out Of My Mind (12 Version)
11. Jeannie Freedom (Die Antwort) (12 Version)
12. Savage Love Is Death (Extended Version)
01. Doctors Cat Feel The Drive (Vocal 12 Version)
02. New Romance Youre My First Love (Head Over Heels) (12 Version)
03. Fantastique Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Special Extended Version)
04. Chikeria Le Freak (Chickeria Mix)
05. Miko Mission I Believe
06. Lucia Marinero (Swedish Re Edit)
07. K. Barre Right By The Moon (Vocal 12 Version)
08. Rick Rock Take Me Away (Vocal 12 Version)
09. Primadonna Flashing On The Floor (Vocal 12 Version)
10. Hugh Bullen Alisand (Vocal 12 Version)
11. Ray Cooper Breakdown (Vocal 12 Version)
12. David Gray Lets Dance Tonight (Vocal 12 Version)
2011 ZYX Italo Disco Collection 11
01. Colonna A Secret From My Heart
02. Trick Dont Cry Roxanna
03. Silent Circle Time For Love (Super Action Mix)
04. Marco Rochowski The Journey [0:07:44.32]
05. Linda Jo Rizzo Fly Me High (Extra Long Dance Mix)
06. Sammy Allen Slave To Love
07. Valerie Dore King Arthur (Extended Version)
08. Hypnosis Oxygene
09. Fluo Magic Mirror
10. Malcom And Leo Living In The Dark (Vocal Mix)
11. Alba Only Music Survives
12. Stage Ocean Of Crime
01. Grant Miller Red For Love (Remix)
02. Linda Jo Rizzo Perfect Love (The Exorbitant Mix)
03. Amadeus Liszt La Donna (Crazy Disco Version)
04. Savage / Save Me
05. Kissing The Kiss Run Stop (Vocal Version)
06. Shah / Images (Get Up)
07. Charlie G. Love Plays Tricks
08. Radiorama Vampires (Swedish Remix)
09. Silent Circle Oh, Dont Lose Your Heart Tonight (Maxi Version)
10. Connie Oh Believe (Vocal)
11. Giusy Ravizza Light (Vocal)
12. Kim Leonard Baby, I Need You
13. Evelyn Barry Take It As A Game
01. Savage Celebrate (Original Version)
02. Rocco Caruso And Childrens Voice Tirami Su
03. Luisa Parole
04. Eva Prayer Of Love (Vocal)
05. Larabell Ah Lamour (Extended Version)
06. Susy Shake Body (Vocal Version)
07. Air Mail Flash In Your Mind
08. John Arrow Mexico (Vocal)
09. Dr. Roof Deep In My Heart
10. Alan Barry Megamix
11. Cliff Turner Sunset Rendezvous
12. Lucia La Isla Bonita
2011 ZYX Italo Disco Collection 12
01. D.F.X. Relax Your Body (Another Version) (Included Intro)
02. White Piano Magic Chimes (Extended Club Mix)
03. M House Unique By Unique (Extended Club Mix)
04. B.A.R. Feat. ROXY Come Together (Club Mix)
05. Tullio De Piscopo Stop Bajon (Primavera Club Remix)
06. Jimmy Ross First True Love Affair (Larry Levan Remix)
07. Seydinah A La Folie (Club Mix)
08. Kano Its A War (Re Edit)
09. Alex Party Alex Party (Classic Alex Party Mix)
10. Jago / Profondo Rosso (Remix Version)
11. Mb Project Ritmo Para Bailar (Ibiza Club Mix)
12. Lee Marrow Sayonara (Dont Stop)
13. Tony Esposito Sopra Il Mare (Pump Up Version)
14. Vin Zee / Funky Be Bop (Original Mix)
15. Wendy Lewis The Show (Original Mix)
01. Kasso The Walkman
02. Ago You Make Me Do It (Original Mix)
03. Dexter Connection / Disco Blu (Extended Club Mix)
04. Koto Dragons Legend Medley Jabdah (Mix By Mario Aldini)
05. D.F.X. Relax Your Body (Extended Mix)
06. Joy Salinas Stay Tonight (Classic Organ Vocal)
07. Mb Project Fade To Grey (Radio Club Mix)
08. Kano Coming Back (Beatmaster Remix)
09. Babayaga Moving For Your Love (Club Version)
10. Hypnosis Droid (Original Mix)
11. Alex Party Wrap Me Up (Club Edit Mix)
12. Illegal Moments In Love (Gate Version)
13. P. Lion Happy Children (Extended Mix)
14. Sabrina My Chico (Extended Mix)
15. Pinocchio Pino Cchio (Original Dance Radio Mix)
01. Fidelfatti Et Ronnett Just Wanna Touch Me
02. Kano Cant Hold Back (Original Mix)
03. East Side Beat Ride Like The Wind
04. Cappella Helyom Halib
05. Starlight Numero Uno
06. 49Ers Dont You Love Me
07. Tony Carrasco N R G Remix (Vocal Version)
08. Ritmo Latino Esta Loca (Dj Version)
09. Jago Stand By Me (To The Sea) (Instr. Radio Mix)
10. Club House Take Your Time
11. Barbara Les Divas Du Dancing (Radio Edit)
12. Clubhouse Feat. Carl / Light My Fire
13. Gigi Dagostino Elisir
14. B.A.R. Feat. Roxy Feeling
15. Mario Piu And Mauro Picotto Imperiale
2012 ZYX Italo Disco Collection 13
01. Iudy The Island Of The Sun
02. G.P. Universe Oh Senorita
03. Spy 71 Take Me...Mr Love (Vocal)
04. Hypnosis Droid (Extended Swedish Remix)
05. Shah Serenade (Vocal)
06. Simoncioni Hello (Vocal)
07. Elvin You Set My Heart On Fire
08. Colby From Here To Eternity (Dance Mix)
09. Destination You And I
10. Cary On Next To Me (Vocal Version)
11. Savage Twothousandnine (Italomaxi)
12. Marco Rochowski Into Eternity
01. Artwork Party Time (Vocal)
02. Saby Holidays (Vocal Version)
03. Gassy E Jane Dont Do It
04. G. And C. In The Night (Vocal)
05. Ameli New Romantic
06. Ago I Want You (Extended Mix)
07. The Voyagers Distant Planet (Vocal)
08. The Fashion Future Girl
09. Pinto Sing A Song Of Joy (Vocal)
10. Quinn Martin One More Mission
11. Retronic Voice Menace To Society
12. Dyva On Fire (Caldo Mix)
01. Trixie When Everybodys Dancin (Vocal Version)
02. Ursula Young People (Extended Version)
03. Venus Caballeros (Vocal)
04. Yan Guru Wont You Help Me (Vocal)
05. Jasmine Runaway (Extended Mix)
06. Joe Yellow Lover To Lover (For Sale)
07. M And G When I Let You Down (Extended Mix)
08. Rose Memories (Vocal Version)
09. Garland Heartbeat (Song Version)
10. Arm Number One (Vocal Version)
11. Marco Rochowski Orbit Of Fire
12. Elen Cora Sleeping In Your Hands
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