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Where's Waldo Now v1.1.1

Where's Waldo Now v1.1.1
In Where's Waldo Now, join the world's most famous striped traveler as he journeys across time and space. Test your observational skills in a series of classic search-and-find levels that explore the Pyramids up to the Future in a game perfectly adapted to short gaming sessions.

In each level, play mini-games with Waldo's friends and foes including Woof and Odlaw, and progress through the game to unlock bonus content and earn achievements. Stripe seekers, now is your chance, travel in time and find Waldo!

MetService v1.0.0 APK

Last Defender 3D / Defence v1.0.1 APK

Battery Widget+ v1.0.0 APK

CarDust v1.0 APK

Make Your Clock Pro v1.0.3 APK

BackCountry Navigator PRO GPS v4.5.4 APK

Tank Hero: Laser Wars Pro v1.1 APK

Siamese Cat v1.0.5 APK


Gymrat: Workout Planner & Log v0.9.2 APK

Photaf Panorama Pro v3.1.7 APK

Giga Jump v1.0.2 APK

FlightView ? Flight Tracker v2.0.9 APK

Tune Me v1.1.2 APK

Hungry Worms v1.0 APK

Alarm Clock Ultra v2.3.5 APK

All My Movies v2.2.1 APK

Elastic World v1.4.4 APK

Mini Dino v1.0.5 APK

Note Everything Pro Add-On v2.5.1 APK

Note Everything Pro Add-On v2.5.1
Unlock many useful new features for Note Everything like automatic Backup!
Add-On to unlock the following features in Note Everything:
> Photo notes
> Checklists
Durable checklists
Encryption (password protection)
Stick notes to status bar
Full automatic backup to sd-card
ATTENTION! This is an ADD-ON, you need BOTH, the free and this installed!

Conquest! Medieval Realms v1.2 APK

Conquest! Medieval Realms v1.2
Conquest!, developed by Illustrious Software and the Lordz Games Studio, is a turn-based game where the objective is to conquer up to 5 opposing players by defeating their armies and capturing their lands - to do this you will need to unite all of your lands, build up a powerful economy, and raise armies to defend the homeland and to take lands from your enemies. The game is set in medieval times and has a number of game modes available.

Conquest ! Medieval Realms, will be packed with hours and hours of clever fun-packed, brain-bending strategy gaming.

DicePlayer v2.0.6 APK

DicePlayer v2.0.6
Diceplayer is a HW accelerated Media player for android ! Diceplayer uses HW video decoder at various containers and audio codecs combination. Diceplayer drains less bettery than SW based players.

WordCam (Pro) - Word Camera v1.19 APK

WordCam (Pro) - Word Camera v1.19
Words + Camera = ART! Turn your images into amazing typographic art using TEXT.
WordCam is the ONLY Android app in existence that lets you create fantastic visual masterpieces using your photos and any words you want! What can you create?

UniWar HD v1.6.0 APK

UniWar HD v1.6.0
Been waiting for a multiplayer game for you and your friends? The wait is over! Here comes UniWar!
Players take turns building their army and fighting against each other using the strengths of their units while taking advantage of the terrain. It is like chess or checkers but with a lot more possibilities and different boards.

UniWar? is the online multiplayer turn-based strategy game for the Android.

Join several games and move up the ranks to become the top player!
Play anyone, anywhere at anytime!

PhotoVault v4.1.8 APK

PhotoVault v4.1.8
With PhotoVault, privacy is no longer an issue. You can show your photo gallery to all the friends, family, and strangers on the bus that you want because the embarrassing, the secret, the private photos are all hidden from view, tucked away in your Private gallery.

In fact, when in Public mode, those hidden photos aren't even part of your photo gallery--their very existence is hidden. And more than just hidden from other people, they're hidden from other apps.

You can even set PhotoVault itself to open in Public mode, so it appears just like a standard photo gallery to any who might pick up your Android or be looking over your shoulder. Until, that is, you enter the password.

You, of course, have complete access to the photos in your Private gallery. You can manipulate them; share them via e-mail, messaging, Facebook, and other social networks; give a slide show; and more. You can do anything with them that you can with those in the Public gallery. The photos are easily transferred from Public gallery to Private gallery and back again with just a long-click on the photo's thumbnail.

If you ever have any questions on how it all works, there are instructions in the app and links to online support and FAQs. Best yet, the developer is actively working on PhotoVault, adding new features and taking requests.

Never be nervous about the privacy of the photos on your Android again with PhotoVault installed.

Solo v1.47.1 APK

Solo v1.47.1
Get Solo, Android's most popular virtual guitar for awesome mobile guitar fun!
With Solo you can play to your favourite songs, or create some of your own...
It's ideal for jamming sessions when you don't have your guitar with you, or an excellent reference for when you do!

Color Splash FX Pro v1.2.1 APK

Color Splash FX Pro v1.2.1
Create stunning artwork with your photos in seconds!
Selected in Staff Picks on Google Play
Rated one of the top 10 hottest apps on AppBrain as of 25th May 2012
Color Splash FX turns your photos black and white, then lets you bring the color back by 'painting' with your finger!

The fast and liquid smooth interface makes Color Splash FX easy and fun!

Beautiful Widgets v4.10.2 APK

Beautiful Widgets v4.10.2
Beautiful set of Widgets containing clock widget, clock and weather widget, weather widgets, date widgets and toggle widgets with skins/themes support!
Selected by Google as an Android Editor's choice and first paid application to reach 1 million of downloads! What a success driven by its community!
See why it is the best Android clock and weather widgets and the only choice for thousands of users! You probably heard of Beautiful Widgets before!

Now with Honeycomb tablets support (ie the Motorola Xoom, Galaxy Tab)!
High Definition Super Clock HD widgets available in many sizes and many layouts (also resizable on Android > 3.0). High quality rendering and resizable with no loss of quality!
Display either the weather, battery icon (both with skins) or just a clock on the widget.
5 days Weather Forecast based on Google weather or Accuweather, with Geolocation support, automatic sunset/sunrise, also available on a weather only widget.
Support multiple locations for the forecast, so you always know the weather for any others places
Weather alerts (USA only), storm/rain/snow forecasts
More than 15 nice Weather Animations (rain, storm, etc) for your pleasure when tapping the weather icon from the widgets.
Moon phases, actual and a calendar for the next 4/5 phases
Nice toggle widgets for Wifi, Bluetooth, Mobile, Brightness, GPS (shortcut), Silent, Vibrate, Plane Mode, 4G (only for a few HTC devices), Rotate, Pattern (below android 2.2) and a Timed Silence!
More than 1000+ FREE Skins/Themes to changes the look and feel of you clock, weather icons or toggle buttons ! Impress your friends with your clock widget!
Weather Live Wallpaper OpenGL accelerated (for supported devices only) which allow to display the weather live from your wallpaper, with many effects, physics and interactions!
Auto-refresh weather on widgets when your phone is unlocked
Define applications to launch when tapping the hours, date or forecast details from the widgets so you can access the most important applications very easy from our beautiful widgets.
Introducing Beautiful Today widget which display the date using the same look as the Super Clock
Temperature displayed in your notification bar, with access to the weather forecast. Now with the Ice Cream Sandwich look & feel if you are on Android 4.0!
Web Skin Market with cloud to device communication: browse skins from your computer and apply it directly to your phone along with a new wallpaper!
Web Skin Mixer: create your own customized skins from the elements of the others skins
Many options in order to create your own experience!
Super Clock HD widget with weather, battery or just the clock 4x3 4x2 4x1 2x1 5x3
Weather only widget 4x1 1x1
Battery widget 1x1
Date widget 2x1 1x1
Text Clock simple widget 2x1
Toggles widgets 1x1
Home widgets with clock and weather and 300 skins 4x1 2x1

Ringo+ Ringtones & Text Tones v1.3.22 APK

Ringo+ Ringtones & Text Tones v1.3.22
Supercharge your Text & Call Notifications with Ringo Pro, the leading customisation app for Android!
Ringo lets you easily pick and use any MP3 music file as your ringtone - and set individual ringtones for each of your contacts and caller groups.

Ringo really powers up your SMS text message notifications too - set a different tone for each contact's messages, and control LED colors (when supported), caller or message sender voice announcing, pop-up notifications and more!

In fact, Ringo Pro allows you to customize almost every aspect of ring tone and SMS notification. If you are one of the many people who don?t notice the polite vibrating of the phone when it rings, Ringo Pro offers a much stronger vibration. Vibration patterns are aptly named: Discreet, Classic, Enthusiastic, Frenzied, and Relentless.

Ringo Pro will really shine as you start to apply its custom settings to caller groups and to individuals in your contact list. Each person can be assigned a unique ring tone, unique SMS tone, their own color of blinking LED (on phoens that support it), and a unique level of vibrate intensity. You will know instantly whether a call is from your brother, boss, or broker. One user sets a discrete ring tone and SMS tone as a default, then gives each important caller his or her unique tones.

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