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UNI-Flash & Live CD/USB STEA Edition [07.2012] | 5,75 Gb
Basis Live CD / USB STEA Edition - STEA LiveXP - Originalnye build WinPE (SteaPE) based on Winbuilder Nikzzzz c network support and multimedia. The interface and the shell STEA LiveXP standard, without compromising permissions and parameters of graphic elements.

The main distinctive features in comparison to similar products:

- The ability to download version of the WIM-file work properly on the PC, available RAM from 128 MB, thanks to an integral part of the system and phased WIM-load modules;
- Availability of the automatic adaptation of the operating system to a different amount of RAM PC;
- Location of all major components of the Live CD / USB (except the startup files) in the same directory that greatly simplifies the use of an assembly consisting of a multi-system or as an emergency resuscitation system on your hard drive the PC in addition to the core OS;

- Availability of a simple scheme user customization, which allows to install and maintain! SteaPE system parameters and some basic configuration interface
--- More ... ---
- To increase the mobility of STEA Live in a full-featured system adds support for 3G modems HUAWEI for all the major GSM operators in Russia;

--- 3G Connect ---
--- HELP / Install CD version of Live XP Build a Flash Drive ---
Two. --- UNI-Flash STEA Edition ---
The image of the combined system to be deployed on USB-drive (the required amount of Flash or USB-HDD disk - 3500 MB or more), includes CD-ROM version of the full-fledged Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 / USB-boot /, compiled on the basis of the distribution OPTIM v.3 and expanded version of Live CD / USB STEA Edition.
For both systems (UW7-STEA and STEA Live) bind to a common set of software products.
WARNING! Software Version CD-ROM versions of Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 / USB-boot / are presented for familiarization with the Windows 7 features and options to create your own, using a system based on the product distribution license, Windows, and to exchange information on the development and improvement of the "USB-Boot" options for Windows.
To create a system disk image utility used HDClone - very compact and high-quality tool to backup HDD.
--- HELP / To deploy an image UNI-FLASH-STEA ---
--- Features of Windows 7 USB ---
Three. Bonus Application for UNI-Flash - Directory EXTENSION
To add them in the project enough to copy a directory PMAGIC \ STEA, or unpack (replacing files on-demand system) sfx-pack W7PE.exe the root partition with a directory \ STEA (will be replaced by uploading a configuration file \ boot \ BC1 and added to the file \ STEA \ Win7PE.VHD).
Starting with version 1203 made a modification of Win7 PE - VHD:
- Bind to a common set of software products;
- Involved is common to all Windows "mobile" swap file;
- Returned to the system of nominal sheath - Explorer.
Win7 PE has a small feature - shutdown and restart the PC should be performed using appropriate labels placed on the taskbar next to the Start button.
Attention! Extras. Information for those who might be to embed the contents of the UNI-Flash to other multiproject or move yourself to other media or sections of HDD!
A. Objects and a migration path: \ boot directory and \ STEA, boot \ STLDR
Two. Home record for GRUB4DOS

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