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Bricsys Bricscad Platinum v12.2.12.38217.26523 | 136.2 Mb
Bricscad 12.2 adds new powerful features such as Layer Filters, Tool Palettes, Block Manager, improved Layer Explorer and more.

Bricscad can read, write, and display DWG files without conversion, it is an obvious choice for Autodesk AutoCAD users. But the program provides other compatibility and productivity features that you will find indispensable.

Bricscad is a powerful drawing program that gives you the ability to create professional two-dimensional drawings and three-dimensional designs. But don't take our word for it, see a few samples for yourself!

Bricscad is designed for anyone who wants a fast and efficient CAD program with the power and versatility of standard programs such as Autodesk AutoCAD or MicroStation by Bentley Systems Inc., at an affordable price. Using today's advanced technology, Bricscad integrates the Microsoft Windows and Linux interface with a powerful CAD engine.

Updated from release to
Constraint Modeling: new DMRIGIDSET3D command which allows to define a set of entities or subentities as a rigid body.
UCSORTHO: system variable that controls whether the related orthographic UCS setting is restored along when an orthographic view is restored.
The 'Orthographic' option of the -VIEW command takes the UCSORTHO setting into account.
The 'LookFrom' menu now calls the '_-VIEW' command instead of '_VPOINT rotate' to change the view.
Note: when UCSORTHO is ON, using the 'LookFrom' menu will result in a change of the UCS.


CONSTRAINTS: removing constraints was made faster.
FIND DIALOG: can now be closed using the 'Escape' key.
GROUP DIALOG: upon opening the focus is set to the Name text control.
-VIEW: when one of the hidden options "Top/Bottom/Front/Back/Left/Right" or "SWiso/SEiso/NEiso/NWiso" is selected while working in Paper Space, the application prompts to "Select Viewport for view:" and switches to Model Space.
SR31497 - INSUNITS: copy/paste between drawings with different unit settings (INSUNITS) now works the same as when blocks are inserted (no automatic scaling performed).
SR32206 - ATTRIBUTES: the performance of the Attribute Editor dialog has been improved for drawings with many layers.
SR34409 - PRINT: added support for plot style line end caps and joints during print and print preview.
SR34938 - VIEW: added support for the hidden options "SWiso, SEiso, NEiso, NWiso" of the -VIEW command.
SR34944 - TOOLPALETTES: support for loading tool palettes from multiple paths.
SR34944, SR35041 - TOOLPALETTES: added 'Prompt for rotation' option in Tool Properties dialog.


DISPLAY: after switching a layer ON in the Layer Explorer, an extra Regen was required to make its content visible. This regression was a side-effect of the fix applied for SR34355 in V12.2.9.
SR35227 - PDF EXPORT: character glyphs of exported shx text were undesirably clipped by a too small bounding box.
AUTOSAVE: read-only drawings were saved by the auto-save process - they shouldn't.
TEXT: a crash occurred during processing of long ( > 64 characters) reordered (bidirectional) TrueType font text.
SR22901, SR23454, SR23703, SR24125, SR27138, SR34979 - SELECTION: "single" option during entity selection was not obeyed.
SR31543 - VIEWPORT: when selecting (clicking) a clipped viewport boundary, two entities were selected, the boundary polyline and the viewport. Only the viewport entity should be selected.
SR32960 - LAYERSTATE: unexpected error occurred when creating a new layer state from the Explorer's Icon view.
SR34100, SR35237 - MIRROR: oblique texts were mirrored in an incompatible way.
SR34355 - DISPLAY: after switching a layer ON, polyface meshes placed on that layer remained invisible till the next regen operation.
SR34362 - UNION, INTERSECT: if the number of (pre)selected solids was less than 2, the command was aborted instead of prompting the user to select more solids.
SR34704 - PDFEXPORT: size of SHX text was undesirably modified during PDF Export
SR35119 - DIMENSIONS: user-provided drawing containing rotated dimensions with Xdata could not be opened. Recover operation applied incorrect fixes leading to corrupt and/or missing dimension entities.
SR35218 - COPY/PASTE: the INSBASE setting was incorrectly applied when pasting clipboard content, leading to wrong positioning of pasted content.
SR35266 - XDATA: when using the OFFSET command, EED was not copied along to the created entities.
SR35297 - CHAMFER, FILLET: when applied to polylines with constant width, the constant width was not maintained, some segments got a vertex width of 0 (regression since V12.2).
SR35314 - LAYER EXPLORER: 'Regen at each change' and 'Regen' options were broken.
SR35316 - LAYER EXPLORER: after modifying layer's VP color, an explicit REGEN call was required to display the modification.
SR35337 - PUBLISH: when reading .dsd files, characters with diacritics were not read correctly.
SR35384, SR35400 - LOCALIZATION: some strings in 'Reference Edit' and 'Reference Open' dialogs could not be translated + fixed initial size and automatic resizing of the dialogs.
SR35438 - MLEADER: multi-leaders of "spline" type were not correctly displayed.
SR35540 - LOCALIZATION: the string "Only the content of the first cell will be retained when cells are merged. Do you wish to continue?" was not translatable.

Application Development

.NET: a previously applied fix for property names had mistakenly been reverted in V12.2.9 Affected property names: AllowDuplicates, RejectObjectsFromNonCurrentSpace and RejectPaperspaceViewPort. The fix has been reapplied.
BRX: added Bubble class and related functionality to SBTrayItemBRX to support bubble windows.
Lisp VLE : to simplify Lisp application code, (vle-entget dxf ename) now also returns "default" values for DXF codes 6, 38, 39, 48, 60, 62, 67, 370, which are not listed in normal (entget).
SR25689, SR35262 - LISP: using (read-line) on files containing multi-byte text (UTF-8 format, or Far-Eastern MultiByte encoding) failed, resulting strings did contain extra characters after correct string part.
SR31967, SR33315, SR34076, SR34272 - LISP, SDS: when using pause in lisp or sds, and the command was started by pressing ENTER on the (docked) command line, the last GUI message (e.g. left mouse button pressed) was processed a second time after finishing the lisp or sds command.
SR33625, SR34266, SR34878 - COM: OdDbText::getTransformedCopy incorrectly processed non-uniscale matrices when oblique angle was non-zero, resulting in rotated attributes becoming distorted after scaling an insert.
SR34004, SR34005, SR34006 - BRX: when custom objects application code added or modified objects during "beginDeepCloneXlation" event of Copy & Paste operations (_pasteclip, _pasteorig, _pasteblock), crashes occurred during Undo (_U).
SR34373 - BRX: a crash occurred when the GS container contained unerased entities that are not to be drawn.
SR33612 - DCL: in a dcl list_box, when setting the selection by means of set_tile, this selection was not properly obeyed when using up or down arrow key. Instead up and down worked as if the first row were selected.
SR34997 - LISP: document objects retrieved from (vla-get-documents) resp. (vlax-get-property ... 'Documents) were not correctly handled; as a result, document object was potentially invalid when accessed via (vlax-for) or (vle-collection->list) on the IAcadDocuments collection object. This incorrect handling also could cause a hang-up during Bricscad shutdown.
SR35004 - BRX: PropertyManager/Polylines - it was not possible to position at any vertex beyond 102.
SR35047 - DCL: resolved different focus issues, in particular for OpenDCL based modeless dialogs.
SR35064 - LISP, SDS, BRX : (command "_dtext" ... pause) and (vl-cmdf _dtext" ... pause) - failed to display text onscreen during text input query. Also added support for multiple line text input in this scenario.
SR35064 - LISP: (vl-cmdf) function was reworked to use the normal (command) function.
SR35148 - LISP: (vla-get-activedocument) function returned a wrong document object when called immediately after (vla-open). The (vlax-get-property) function behaved correctly in this scenario. Also fixed a (vla-close) issue: document objects were not correctly released, leading to strange effects when closing Bricscad.

About Bricsys

Bricsys is a global provider of engineering software through its network of 70 offices on four continents. The product portfolio
consists of Bricscad and Vondle (an extended SaaS platform). Bricscad integrates intelligent 3D direct modeling with the familiar 2D
feature set of native .dwg. It globally supports hundreds of third-party applications based on .dwg. Bricsys products are available in 16 languages, with additional languages in development.

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