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8Dio Productions Ambient Guitar [KONTAKT] | 2,6 Gb

Ambient Guitar library is a massive collection of carefully crafted sounds all derived from a number of different guitars. All source material is comprised of live guitar with various effects applied real-time and minimal post-production processing. Contrary to most guitar libraries, the focus of this library is the unrecognizable, ambient side of the stringed instrument.

Beyond the strums, palm-mutes, plucks, picks, squeals, pinch-harmonics and lightning fast, finger-bleeding leads typically played on guitars, there lies a dreamy, synthy, rarely heard realm of droning beauty in the guitar. Of course there is still room for plenty of range within this realm. You?ll find sounds from awe-inspiring beauty to fist-clenching rage, from the eerie unknown to somber loneliness, from pulse-pounding horror to gentle, soothing harmony. Taking a small step back from the realm of pure ambience is a select group of bonus post-apocalyptic-inspired, minimalist phrases. These phrases are all still very ambient in nature and are meant to work perfectly on top of the purely ambient patches.

Core Articulations
* Awe ambiences
* Sadness ambiences
* Horror & Rage ambiences
* Mystery ambiences
* Melodic Guitar & Bass

Requires Full Retail Version of NI Kontakt 3.5+

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