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Portable Golden Software Surfer v10.7.972
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Golden Software Surfer - a powerful system for creating three-dimensional mapping, modeling and analysis of surfaces, rendering the landscape, generating grids, and more. The product allows you to create realistic 3D map view with light and shadows, use an image location in different formats, and export maps created in a variety of graphic formats and print in color up to 50 m on the diagonal. Powerful interpolation functions allow you to create exact surfaces of the highest quality.
Key features:
* Three-dimensional maps. Surfer 8 allows you to create realistic three-dimensional maps with complete control of lighting and shadows, position, tilt and rotation of the surface elements. Surfer allows you to overlay raster and vector maps, photos, consider the terrain to create shading and pose change colors (surface and overlay functions).
* Consolidation of related and overlapping grids and DEM files. In the areas of intersection is the automatic assignment of network parameters using the mean, first, last or maximum step. We use the existing grid nodes, or move to another scale using bilinear interpolation, cubic convolution, or nearest neighbor method.
* Strainer. Grid Filter option includes more than 60 preset filters and improved function of Grid Matrix Smoothing. Perhaps the task parameters of the filters by the user.
* Statistics. The program automatically displays the spatial statistics: the number of data points, approximate density, distance to nearest and farthest point, mean, standard deviation, variance, and coefficient of variation.
* Improved user interface. Properties dialog boxes optionally can remain open and you can interactively change the properties of selected objects. 3D Trackball tool facilitates changes in the angles of inclination and rotation. Realtime Pan and Zoom tools allow you to quickly change the appearance of the desired section of the chart.
* Increased the size of the tables. Perhaps reading the data files to the number of rows and columns over a billion, if memory allows the computer.
* The rotation and tilt of raster maps. It is possible to view images at the most convenient angle, rotate or tilt the three-dimensional relief and raster maps.
* Powerful methods for creating the grid:
- Moving average.
- Local polynomial.
- Other new features of a grid:
- More flexible job sector.
- View the working paper through dialogue Grid Data.
- Generation of statistical reports and report parameters, grid functions, including analysis of variance.
- Export of triangular and triangular meshes Delaunay in raster or vector file.
- New models variogrammnye Surfer 8 adds variogrammny analysis of cubic and pentasfericheskoy models.
A large number of import and export options.
- Import formats: Golden Software GSI, ESRI E00, Windows Enhanced Metafile EMF.
- Export formats: Golden Software GSI & GSB, MapInfo MIF, Windows EMF.
* Use USGS SDTS DEM and DLG files. The package allows you to work with the new format USGS SDTS DEM files to the contour, surface, wireframe, vector, relfno-shadow and photographic cards.
* Increase the maximum size of graphs. The maximum size of the default page - 279 cm, it is possible to increase up to 5080 cm
* A wide range of exact algorithms for interpolation of data.
* Graphical representation of the surface:
- In the form of contour maps
- In the form of three-dimensional images with photographic accuracy
* Highly customizable. Provides realistic images based on location of the light source, the angle of inclination, such as shading, as well as the layout of different images on one screen.
* Wide range of support surface operations:
- Calculation of the volume between two surfaces;
- The transition from one grid point to another;
- Transformation of the surface by means of mathematical operations on matrices;
- Cut the surface (calculation of the profile);
- Calculation of surface area;
- Smoothing of surfaces using a matrix or spline methods, file format conversion and many other functions.
* A wide range of support operations with images:
- Obtaining images by superimposing multiple transparent and opaque graphics layers;
- Imports of finished images, including those obtained in other applications;
- Using special drawing tools, as well as the application of text and formulas to create new and edit old images.
Home Page - Scientific mapping, graphing, analysis & digitizing software

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