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Release Info
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P R E S E N T S 

+ Annihilator - Annihilator + 

Release Information 

Release Date.Jun-07-2010 Encoder......LAME 3.90 Modified 
Genre........Heavy Metal Graber.......EAC 
Year.........2010 Khz/Bitrate..44,1/ Br 

Ripper.......anthem Songs........10 
Covers.......Yes Url... 

Release Notes 

Artist : Annihilator Rating : You Decide! 
Album : Annihilator Label : Earache 

Description : 

Before I begin, let me just start off by getting 
one thing out of the way: Dave Padden isn't 
going anywhere. He may not be a popular figure 
in these parts and doesn't quite compare to the 
band's previous singers, but he has officially 
become the band's longest serving vocalist with 
his fourth effort. Hell, guitarist Jeff Waters 
doesn't even have any lead vocals on this 
release! Now with that fact established, let's 
just see what the group has come up with for 
their thirteenth effort... 

For the most part, you could say that this 
album's style picks up where 2007's "Metal" left 
off though there are a few noticeable 
differences to be found. In addition to the 
absence of special guest musicians, the 
production has a rawer feel than the last few 
releases and there seems to be a rather angry 
feel in the band's delivery. Having said that, 
the vocals retain the previous album's more 
polished edge and the guitar playing delivers 
plenty of the standard riffs and solos. 

Musically, the album starts off on an intense 
note with the first four songs largely being 
fast paced thrashers. "The Trend" starts off 
with a "Fun Palace" styled introduction before 
leaping into some rapid fire Hot Topic bashing 
(Weren't most of the last album's guests an 
attempt to be more accessible to said 
demographic?), "Coward" is probably the most 
intense track of the lot with its particularly 
fast riffs and angry vocals, "Ambush" is another 
fast number with a chorus that brings to mind 
the hooks of Hallows Eve's "Speed Freak," and 
"Betrayed" is an upbeat song in the vein of 
"Torn." While I'm not sure how many classics 
this side of the album has, it should be the 
most appealing end for fans of the band as well 
as a few of its critics... 

Of course, the next five songs go into more 
groove-oriented territory with some unusual 
results coming out of it. "25 Seconds" is made 
memorable by its slinky bass line and screaming 
vocals, "Nowhere To Go" brings in more melodic 
elements while still sounding upbeat, "The Other 
Side" sticks out in its similarity to the climax 
of Diamond Head's "Am I Evil," and "Death In 
Your Eyes" and "Payback" attempt to go back to 
faster ground though mostly stick to a mid-tempo 
march. This side is likely to be the source of 
controversy for its stranger tracks and it isn't 
quite as good as the first half. Of course, 
there are still some decent songs such as "The 
Other Side" and "Payback" that manage to stick 

Fortunately the album picks up the pace once 
more with a cover of Van Halen's "Romeo 
Delight," which is pretty much the only cover 
ever included on an Annihilator studio album. 
While the scenario sounds incredibly weird 
written down, it manages to work pretty well and 
ends up being an album highlight. Padden manages 
to channel David Lee Roth quite nicely, Waters 
gets Eddie's guitar playing down, and the song 
generally does justice to the original. Of 
course, such a loyal cover may make the listener 
wonder why they did it in the first place but I 
sometimes get that mentality with a good portion 
of the covers I've heard... 

All in all, there's not much on here that will 
convince those that have already disliked the 
band's recent works. The vocals haven't changed 
too much, the lyrics still range from 
cringeworthy to generic (Though Padden's 
contributions are a great improvement over his 
bit on "Schizo Deluxe"), and there aren't too 
many amazing songs on here. Having said that, I 
do find this to be a pretty decent album that 
may prove to be a little bit of improvement over 
the last few. Hopefully the band will find a way 
to stop going through the motions and deliver 
another excellent album. 

My Current Favorites: 
"The Trend," "Coward," "Ambush," "Betrayed," and 
"Romeo Delight" 

Dave Padden - Vocals 
Jeff Waters - Guitars, Bass 
Ryan Ahoff - Drums 


Phantasmagoria Demo, 1986 
Welcome to Your Death Demo, 1986 
Alison Hell Demo, 1988 
Alice in Hell Full-length, 1989 
Never, Neverland preproduction demo Demo, 1989 
Never Neverland (Promo) Single, 1990 
The Fun Palace Single, 1990 
Never, Neverland Full-length, 1990 
Never, Neverland Single, 1991 
Set The World On Fire preproduction demo Demo, 
Stonewall EP, 1991 
Set The World On Fire preproduction demo II 
Demo, 1991 
Phoenix Rising Single, 1993 
Set the World On Fire Single, 1993 
Set the World on Fire Full-length, 1993 
King of the Kill (Promo Demo) Single, 1994 
King of the Kill Full-length, 1994 
Bag of Tricks Best of/Compilation, 1994 
Refresh the Demon Full-length, 1996 
In Command (Live 1989-1990) Live album, 1996 
Remains Full-length, 1997 
Criteria for a Black Widow Full-length, 1999 
Carnival Diablos Full-length, 2001 
Waking The Fury Full-length, 2002 
Double Live Annihilation Live album, 2003 
The Best Of Best of/Compilation, 2004 
The One EP, 2004 
All for You Full-length, 2004 
Schizo Deluxe Full-length, 2005 
Ten Years in Hell DVD, 2006 
Metal Full-length, 2007 
Live At Masters Of Rock DVD, 2009 
Live at Masters of Rock Live album, 2009 
Annihilator Full-length, 2010 

Release Tracklist 

01 - The Trend [07:04] 
02 - Coward [04:22] 
03 - Ambush [03:22] 
04 - Betrayed [04:34] 
05 - 25 Seconds [04:49] 
06 - Mowhere To Go [05:08] 
07 - The Other Side [04:20] 
08 - Death In Your Eyes [05:58] 
09 - Payback [04:48] 
10 - Romeo Delight [04:26] 

Total Length : [48:51 minn 

Greetings To: 

Too all people who contributes to make this 
archive of good music in a exceptional conditions
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