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Blues Learning System Guitar Fundamentals 1 and 2 Fast Full Download

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Guitar Tricks - Blues Learning System: Guitar Fundamentals 1 and 2
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Genre: Music Learning
Go From Total Beginner To Advanced Blues Guitarist - Have you always wanted to be someone that can pick up the guitar and effortlessly play the blues* You've come to the right place.
For over a decade we've been constantly testing and fine tuning a system that makes learning guitar easy, fun and frustration-free. Our Blues Learning System is taught by some of the best touring and session guitarist in the country, and covers everything from the best way to hold your pick, all the way to the advanced techniques of your favorite players.
FINALLY a very well developed curriculum!
I am 56 years old and have recently picked up the guitar again after picking at it while a High School student. I learned many things either overlooked or not known by many other instructors. GT deserves a very enthusiastic Well Done!
-Franklyn Suliveres
Makes everything make sense!
I got to tell you I absolutely loved the Blues course for beginners. I'm not new to guitar but I've never had the foundations to make everything make sense and I'm really getting that from these courses. Thank you so much.
-Sergio Romero
Guitar Fundamentals 1:
Build Core Skills and Start Making Music
Chapter 1. Correct Posture and Technique
Chapter 2. Basics Knowledge
Chapter 3. Introduction to Chords
Chapter 4. Playing Melodies
Chapter 5. Playing Full Chords
Guitar Fundamentals 2:
Develop Into A Solid Intermediate Guitarist
Chapter 1. Introduction To Music Theory
Chapter 2. Introduction To Minor Chords
Chapter 3. Scales, Chords and Triads
Chapter 4. Introduction to Reading Music Notation
Chapter 5. Simple Songs Using Chords and Scale Notes
Chapter 6. Practicing Major and Minor Chords
Chapter 7. Practicing Major and Minor Scales
Chapter 8. Introduction to Barre Chords


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