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Large Pulp Magazine Update
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Books : Magazine : English
After another long delay, here comes the next Pulp Magazine update. 42 issues of various titles. The titles you'll receive in this torrent are Detective Fiction Weekly, Famous Fantastic Mysteries, Fantastic Adventures, Thrilling Wonder Stories and... drum roll please... WEIRD TALES.

The issues in this group are:

Famous Fantastic Mysteries 49-02.UNZ.cbr
Famous Fantastic Mysteries 49-08.UNZ.cbr
Famous Fantastic Mysteries 49-12.Popular (dtsg0318-LennyS).cbr
Famous Fantastic Mysteries 50-02.UNZ.cbr
Famous Fantastic Mysteries 50-06.UNZ.cbr
Famous Fantastic Mysteries 51-01.UNZ.cbr
Famous Fantastic Mysteries 51-05.UNZ.cbr
Famous Fantastic Mysteries 51-07.UNZ.cbr
Famous Fantastic Mysteries 51-12.UNZ.cbr
Famous Fantastic Mysteries 53-02.UNZ.cbr
Fantastic_Adventures_48-10 (UNZ).cbz
Fantastic_Adventures_48-12 (UNZ).cbz
Fantastic_Adventures_49-01 (UNZ).cbz
Fantastic_Adventures_49-09 (UNZ).cbz
Fantastic_Adventures_49-10 (UNZ).cbz
Fantastic_Adventures_49-11 (UNZ).cbz
Fantastic_Adventures_49-12 (UNZ).cbz
Fantastic_Adventures_50-10 (UNZ).cbz
Fantastic_Adventures_50-12 (UNZ).cbz
Thrilling Wonder Stories 1941-10.unz.cbz
Thrilling Wonder Stories 1942-06.unz.cbz
Thrilling Wonder Stories 1944 Fall.unz.cbz
Thrilling Wonder Stories 1949-02.unz.cbz
Thrilling Wonder Stories 1949-06.unz.cbz
Thrilling Wonder Stories 1950-06.unz.cbz
Thrilling Wonder Stories 1950-08.unz.cbz
Thrilling Wonder Stories 1951-10.unz.cbz
Thrilling Wonder Stories 1952-02.unz.cbz
Thrilling Wonder Stories 1952-06.unz.cbz
Thrilling Wonder Stories 1952-10.unz.cbz
Thrilling Wonder Stories 1953-02.unz.cbz
Thrilling Wonder Stories 1953-06.unz.cbz
Thrilling Wonder Stories 1953-08.unz.cbz
Thrilling Wonder Stories 1953-11.unz.cbz
Weird Tales 1949-01_v41n02_UNZ.cbr
Weird Tales 1949-05_v41n04_UNZ.cbr
Weird Tales 1950-03_v42n03_UNZ.cbr
Weird Tales 1950-09_v42n06_UNZ.cbr
Weird Tales 1951-01_v43n02_UNZ.cbr
Weird Tales 1951-03_v43n03_UNZ.cbr
Weird Tales 1952-07_v44n05_UNZ.cbr

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