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Eben Pagan - Complete Guru Home Study Course Fast Full Download

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Eben Pagan - Complete Guru Home Study Course
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You probably know Eben Pagan as David DeAngelo from the pickup/seduction community. He's one of the most whole and complete people I've ever come to know and is phenomenal at taking concepts and ideas learning them practicing them until he's great at it then presenting his learning for everyone else. It's pretty amazing.
In the Guru Home Study Course he takes everything he's learned from his $20000000 a year online information business and teaches members how to do the same.
Here's someone's summary of the course:
The Guru Mastermind is different. Sidelined from the mainstream internet marketers Eben Pagan has been quietly outgrowing all the "famous" internet marketing gurus. What makes him so different is the fact that he does not make his money from teaching other people how to make money. He's a real marketer marketing to many different niches. Being hugely successful at this his Guru Mastermind coaching program was able to teach both newbies and failing online businesses to become successful.
The Guru Home Study Course is a simple blueprint that takes Eben's $12000 coaching program into a home study course. It's about building an information marketing business that will not only replace your current job but start making you wealthy. To do this you need to be built your business on a solid foundation.
Eben's blueprint is based on 3 pillars. These 3 pillars form the foundation of your business and when you have each one of these in place your business will succeed. When you look at any unsuccessful online business they always have a weakness in one or more of these pillars.

1. Content Pillar:
Your content refers to what you will be selling and offering your prospects. Most marketers only think of this as "finding your niche" but Eben takes this one step further to help you find niches and micro niches that are guaranteed to work. If you've ever spent months building websites and developing products that never make any money then you will know just how crucially important this step is.

2. Conversion Pillar:
Converting prospects and traffic into customers is an art. One that Eben has perfected. Learning to create marketing material that really speaks to your prospects and motivates them to buy is one of the most important skills you need to learn. Many experts fail to sell their information products simply because they don't know how to sell it. When you learn how to sell online and how to turn prospects into customers you will soon see that it's all about marketing.

3. Customer Pillar:
Without customers you don't have a business. Unlike most marketing teachers and guru's Eben has a very unique approach to customers - one that has proven to be very lucrative. The fact remains that your whole business should be based on your customers. Speaking to their needs are the illusive secret that most struggling online businesses search for in vain. In the Guru Home Study Course Eben teaches the most effective ways to quickly get lots of prospects to your websites and to put your offer in front of millions of interested eyes.
When you combine these three aspects you cannot help but to succeed. If you get prospects who are interested in your products to see your offer and you use the principles of conversion and persuasion you will turn them into customers and they will give you money. It's as simple as that.
Building a successful business online is not a "black art" with some mysterious secret. It's a science and something that you can replicate. Eben Pagan has done it twenty times over to build his empire and the students from his Guru Mastermind has done the same over the last 12 months. You can do it and all you need is to follow his blueprint.

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