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Complete Stephen King Audio Collection v4.0 Fast Full Download

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Complete Stephen King Audio Collection v4.0

Complete Stephen King Audio Collection v4.0
Size: 55.94 GB

For years there have been dozens of copies of Stephen King's audio books floating around on the internet -- many of them broken. Over the past two years, I have collected the complete UNABRIDGED fictional works of King. I have released several versions and updates and present the newest full up-to-date torrent here. I have processed everything in the following ways:

1. Checked for completeness. Many of the common copies on the internet which appear complete are missing large sections of audio. Notable examples include Firestarter, Gerald's Game, Cell, and many short stories. I have finally obtained complete copies of all books.

2. Equalized volume. Many audio books, especially ones digitized from cassette tapes, have crazily varying volumes. I have equalized volumes so there shouldn't be any sudden jumps.

3. FULLY CHAPTERIZED. This took many weeks. Each audio book was compiled into a single file (deleting bits like "this concludes disc 2, please insert disc 3") and then separated into Parts and Chapters as defined by the original books. I find this to be the best way to enjoy audiobooks and it is perfect for iPods. There are a few books (Cujo, Dolores Claiborne, The Shawshank Redemption, etc.) in which King included no parts, chapters, or numbers to separate.

4. Dehissed and noise-cleaned. When needed, I performed low pass filters and deleted pops in the audio.

5. Encoded all books to a uniform MP3 96kbps 44.1kHz.

6. ID3 Tagged. All audio book files have been fully ID3 tagged including full COVER ART. I have used the first edition covers for all books.

And so we have this 55gb monster of a King torrent. There are 9 new audiobooks and many fixes in this torrent since the 3.0 release! It is still about 99.99% complete. The only problem is I've still not found a clean copy of the short story "The Mist". I have presented two versions but they are not clean. Every other recording should be complete and high quality.

I did not intend to put out another full version release so soon, but I got such excellent feedback from Version 3.0 that I was able to FIX and ADD a good number of recordings as can easily be seen in the version history below. Those who have DLed previous versions should be able to seed most of the torrent, but there will be upgraded parts. I hope the many of you will help me seed this with the data you have as my max UL is not stellar.

Please leave any comments, questions, or suggestions you might have as they are HIGHLY APPRECIATED!

-------------Version History-------------
Version 4.0 -- Fourth full release. THIS release.

1. The 10 new versions presented in version 3.0 have been relabeled. Specifically, I have removed the "new version" tag from the directory titles. Also I have labeled each of the stories in "1990 - Four Past Midnight (4 novellas)" with the proper narrator info. From now on, other than adding reader information, I do not plan to rename any directories. This should increase future seeding ability.
2. I discovered that my copy of Different Seasons which is now called:
1982 - Different Seasons (4 novellas - read by Frank Muller)
was not all it was advertised to be. The first 3 stories are fine, but the 4th story, "The Breathing Method" was actually from a different version read by a different reader. I have now personally ripped the correct Frank Muller version of this story and thrown away the old one. However, I also found the full other version of Different Seasons which, while not read by Frank Muller, is actually pretty darn good and of quite clean technical quality. It is called:
1982 - Different Seasons (4 novellas - read by Hayward Morse)
and is now available in the -Alternate Versions directory.
3. I have fixed the names of several files (both the filenames and the titles in iTunes) in both
1991 - Needful Things (read by Stephen King) and
2006 - Cell (read by Campbell Scott)
These fixes were necessary because of stupid typos (of mine).
4. The new versions of both "It" and "Firestarter" had minor chapterization problems. Specifically, "Firestarter" had the final chapter and Afterword stuck together and "It" had two chapter breaks in the wrong places. Both of these problems have been FIXED.
5. I have ADDED two short new releases from King:
2009 - Morality (short story - read by Mare Winningham) [note: this story was published alongside Blockade Billy]
2010 - Blockade Billy (novella - read by Craig Wasson)
Thanks to CrowTRobot1 for finding these for me.
6. Having included two nonfiction works in the last version, I decided to include the other one here:
2004 - Faithful (Nonfiction - read by Adam Grupper and Ron McLarty)
7. I have also ADDED the following two new recordings of older books:
1990 - The Stand (Complete and Uncut Edition - read by Garrick Hagon)
1979 - The Dead Zone (read by Lorelei King)
These copies are of higher technical quality than the versions previously presented. However the copies they replace are fine performances in and of themselves, therefore the following two preexisting recordings:
1990 - The Stand (Complete and Uncut Edition)
1979 - The Dead Zone
have been relabeled to:
1990 - The Stand (Complete and Uncut Edition - read by Bruce Huntey)
1979 - The Dead Zone (read by Diane Islandburg)
and then placed into the -Alternate Versions directory. Please do the same with your copies. A million thanks to alpitch for all the help in tracking down and properly labeling these recordings!
8. I have also ADDED an older version of "'Salem's Lot":
1975 - 'Salem's Lot (read by Richard Nazarewich)
to the -Alternate Versions directory. It is older than the Ron McLarty performance in the main dir, but it is still quite a decent recording so I am keeping it in the collection. Thanks again to alpitch for pointing me towards this one.
9. I have finally REPLACED the abridged copy of The Regulators. I was not aware until recently that this was abridged. Consequently I have deleted it permanently and suggest you do the same. If you find any abridged books in your own collection I encourage you to stamp them out before they breed. The wonderful new unabridged copy presented here is:
1996 - The Regulators (read by Frank Muller)
Special thanks to CrowTRobot1 for pointing me in the right direction on this one. Always great to add another Muller recording to any collection!

Version 3.0 -- Third full release.
1. Wonderfully, Blackstone Audio in association with Penguin Audio has released new versions of TEN older King books, most of which were read by non-professional readers for the Library of Congress. Many of these (most notably The Eyes of the Dragon) were also of very poor audio quality. I have replaced ALL TEN of these with newly narrated high-quality versions from Blackstone. About half of them were processed from recent Demonoid uploads, the other half I ripped MYSELF from fresh library copies. These new versions are:
--1979 - The Long Walk (new version - read by Kirby Heybourne)
--1980 - Firestarter (new version - read by Dennis Boutsikaris)
--1981 - Cujo (new version - read by Lorna Raver)
--1981 - Roadwork (new version - read by G. Valmont Thomas)
--1982 - The Running Man (new version - read by Kevin Kenerly)
--1983 - Christine (new version - read by Holter Graham)
--1986 - It (new version - read by Steven Weber)
--1987 - The Eyes of the Dragon (new version - read by Bronson Pinchot)
--1987 - The Tommyknockers (new version - read by Edward Herrmann)
--1989 - The Dark Half (new version - read by Grover Gardner)
2. The older versions of the above 10 audiobooks may be from 80s cassettes, but many of them are still decent performances. I have a particular fondness for the older version of 'It', for instance. I have included all of these versions in the "-Alternate versions" directory.
3. In addition to these new releases from Blackstone, Brilliance Audio has finally released an Audio version of "Danse Macabre". With this now released, I am presenting both it and King's other major nonfiction work "On Writing". These two new releases are:
--1981 - Danse Macabre (Nonfiction - read by William Dufris)
--2000 - On Writing (Nonfiction - read by Stephen King)
4. King's long-term Kindle project has been released on audiobook. It is:
--2009 - UR (novella - read by Holter Graham)
5. I have relabeled nearly all of the directories with narrator information. To help me seed, please rename your directories from my previous torrents to the new names and it should work.
6. The few directories which are not labeled are the remaining older (often cassette-mastered) books which I would like to see replaced. I hope Blackstone or another company will record new versions of "Rage", "The Stand" (both versions), "The Dead Zone", "Cycle of the Werewolf", "Pet Sematary", and "Storm of the Century".

Version 2.0 -- Second full release.
1. Fixed bitrate problems on a few of the Dark Tower books so that they are now uniform with the others and play with correct timecodes in iTunes. Let your client overwrite these files, they are better.
2. Further chapterized "It" as it has important, named subsections. So delete your old copy and get this one.
3. ADDITION. King's new novel "Under the Dome" is here, as per usual, Chapterized and Tagged.

Version 1.2 -- Second Update
1. A highly UPGRADED version of Lisey's Story. The version in the first torrent was ripped from cassette and was not a clean recording. This time I have ripped it myself from CDs to ensure quality. I highly recommend deleting the old copy and replacing it with this new one which, of course, is also Chapterized and Tagged.
2. ADDITION. This is very exciting...I have finally found a version of the short story "Trucks" from Night Shift. It was the ONLY novel OR short story that was missing from this collection. Thanks to Jonny Barr for hooking me up with this final piece of the puzzle!

Version 1.1 -- First Update
1. The novella "The Breathing Method" contained a couple of small time skips omitting several sentences (these are the hardest errors to find). This has now been fixed.
2. The short story/novella "The Mist" unfortunately was a dramatization instead of the unabridged reading. I was not able to find a completely CLEAN version of this story. The version that exists has many loud pops; I have used filters to reduce them to small clicks. However, I am still interested in a fresh clean version of this, so if you have one, or could rip one, PLEASE let me know. This version is listenable but I hope to replace it asap.
3. Somehow, and I'm still not sure how it is possible, the file "13th Stanza - Hile Mia, Hile Mother.mp3" in "2004 - Song of Susannah (DT6)" was truncated. This version is complete.
4. Nightmares and Dreamscapes had several problems. Correct versions of "06 - It Grows On You", "07 - Chattery Teeth", and "09 - The Moving Finger" are included here.
5. ADDITIONS. King-read versions of The Dark Tower books 1 & 3. (Thanks to niphoet and Rainbow Warrior for these!!) Brand new 2009 short story "Throttle" by King and Joe Hill from the "Road Rage" and "He is Legend" collections.

Version 1.0 -- Initial full release.

-------------Included in this collection-------------

1974 - Carrie (read by Sissy Spacek)
1975 - 'Salem's Lot (read by Ron McLarty)
1977 - Rage
1977 - The Shining (read by Campbell Scott)
1978 - Night Shift (20 short stories)
1978 - The Stand
1979 - The Dead Zone (read by Lorelei King)
1979 - The Long Walk (read by Kirby Heybourne)
1980 - Firestarter (read by Dennis Boutsikaris)
1981 - Cujo (read by Lorna Raver)
1981 - Danse Macabre (Nonfiction - read by William Dufris)
1981 - Roadwork (read by G. Valmont Thomas)
1982 - Different Seasons (4 novellas - read by Frank Muller)
1982 - The Gunslinger (DT1 - revised edition - read by George Guidall)
1982 - The Running Man (read by Kevin Kenerly)
1983 - Christine (read by Holter Graham)
1983 - Cycle of the Werewolf
1983 - Pet Sematary
1984 - The Talisman (with Peter Straub - read by Frank Muller)
1984 - Thinner (read by Joe Mantegna)
1985 - Skeleton Crew (22 short stories)
1986 - It (read by Steven Weber)
1987 - Misery (read by Lindsay Crouse)
1987 - The Drawing of the Three (DT2 - read by Frank Muller)
1987 - The Eyes of the Dragon (read by Bronson Pinchot)
1987 - The Tommyknockers (read by Edward Herrmann)
1989 - The Dark Half (read by Grover Gardner)
1990 - Four Past Midnight (4 novellas)
1990 - The Stand (Complete and Uncut Edition - read by Garrick Hagon)
1991 - Needful Things (read by Stephen King)
1991 - The Waste Lands (DT3 - read by Frank Muller)
1992 - Dolores Claiborne (read by Frances Sternhagen)
1992 - Gerald's Game (read by Lindsay Crouse)
1993 - Nightmares & Dreamscapes (24 short stories)
1994 - Insomnia (read by Eli Wallach)
1995 - Rose Madder (read by Blair Brown)
1996 - Desperation (read by Stephen King)
1996 - The Green Mile (read by Frank Muller)
1996 - The Regulators (read by Frank Muller)
1997 - Wizard and Glass (DT4 - read by Frank Muller)
1998 - Bag of Bones (read by Stephen King)
1999 - Hearts in Atlantis (read by Stephen King and William Hurt)
1999 - Storm of the Century
1999 - The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (read by Anne Heche)
2000 - On Writing (Nonfiction - read by Stephen King)
2001 - Black House (with Peter Straub - read by Frank Muller)
2001 - Dreamcatcher (read by Jeffrey DeMunn)
2002 - Everything's Eventual (14 short stories)
2002 - From a Buick 8 (read by a Full Cast)
2003 - Wolves of the Calla (DT5 - read by George Guidall)
2004 - Faithful (Nonfiction - read by Adam Grupper and Ron McLarty)
2004 - Song of Susannah (DT6 - read by George Guidall)
2004 - The Dark Tower (DT7 - read by George Guidall)
2005 - The Colorado Kid (read by Jeffrey DeMunn)
2006 - Cell (read by Campbell Scott)
2006 - Lisey's Story (read by Mare Winningham)
2007 - Blaze (read by Ron McLarty)
2008 - Duma Key (read by John Slattery)
2008 - Just After Sunset (13 short stories)
2009 - Morality (short story - read by Mare Winningham)
2009 - Throttle (short story with Joe Hill - read by Stephen Lang)
2009 - Under the Dome (read by Raul Esparza)
2009 - UR (novella - read by Holter Graham)
2010 - Blockade Billy (novella - read by Craig Wasson)

also 18 alternate audiobook versions:
1975 - 'Salem's Lot (read by Richard Nazarewich)
1979 - The Dead Zone (read by Diane Islandburg)
1979 - The Long Walk (older version)
1980 - Firestarter (older version)
1981 - Cujo (older version)
1981 - Roadwork (older version)
1982 - Different Seasons (4 novellas - read by Hayward Morse)
1982 - The Gunslinger (DT1 - original edition - read by Frank Muller)
1982 - The Gunslinger (DT1 - read by Stephen King)
1982 - The Running Man (older version)
1983 - Christine (older version)
1986 - It (older version)
1987 - The Drawing of the Three (DT2 - read by Stephen King)
1987 - The Eyes of the Dragon (old crappy version)
1987 - The Tommyknockers (older version)
1989 - The Dark Half (older version)
1990 - The Stand (Complete and Uncut Edition - read by Bruce Huntey)
1991 - The Waste Lands (DT3 - read by Stephen King)

and the FULL ILLUSTRATIONS from the Dark Tower books
PLUS my new (nearly complete) Steve King eBook Collection

If links die, I will reupload at here.

Code: Stephen King Audio Collection v4.0.part1.rar Stephen King Audio Collection v4.0.part2.rar Stephen King Audio Collection v4.0.part3.rar Stephen King Audio Collection v4.0.part4.rar Stephen King Audio Collection v4.0.part5.rar Stephen King Audio Collection v4.0.part6.rar Stephen King Audio Collection v4.0.part7.rar Stephen King Audio Collection v4.0.part8.rar
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