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Kelby Training - Crush The Composition
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Recently, Scott Kelby came up with an idea on how to teach photography composition in a way that would make people truly ?get it? in just about an hour. He held his class in an open amphitheater on a balmy, starry, Florida night with 150 students in attendance to share some professional secrets that will get you thinking the next time you go out and shoot.

Course Lessons

Introduction (07:22) Most classes and books on photography composition contain the same information they did 25 years ago. The rules don't change and most books only show great examples of photography without showing you how to apply it to your photography. In the next hour, Scott plans to change that..

The 5 BIG Rules of Composition (05:05) Scott takes 5 minutes to go over the 5 main "rules" of photographic composition to refresh everyone's memory before moving on..

The First Secret to Composition (13:41) Secret #1: "Work the Scene." Professionals try a bunch of different things during a shoot. By sharing some less than perfect shots, Scott shows the audience how he tried several different things at a photo shoot until he got the shot he wanted. Tip: Make a shot list..

Finding the Right Shot (07:59) Many times, you'll happen upon something that you inherently know will make a good shot, but when you press the button - not so much. Scott shares more examples of the multiple angles and approaches he takes to one subject in order to find what it was that his mind knew would be a good shot..

Working the Settings to Get the Right Shot (11:05) Once you get to the point where you know you are hitting on the angle or approach that makes the shot, work the settings (#2) then work the sharpness (#3)..

Practical Composition Tips (05:16) Find the distracting things, simplify the image, move the photographer..

Becoming a Good Editor (25:57) Learn to only show your absolute best stuff. Scott illustrates this by showing two very similar, but drastically different slide shows..

Looking at Other Photographers Work (12:41) Take a good look at the work of the photographers you like and figure out what it is that you like. It will give you insights to your own work..

Recap of the Keys to Composition (05:15) Scott gives you a quick list of takeaways for you to keep in mind for the next time you shoot..

Course Time: 01 Hours 34 Minutes

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