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Homespun - Learn To Play Bottleneck Blues Guitar (3 Volume Set) Fast Full Download

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Homespun - Learn To Play Bottleneck Blues Guitar Vol 1-2-3
3 DVDRip | AVI XviD 608x464 29.97fps | MP3 stereo 128kbps
Genre: Music Learning
One of the most compelling sounds in American music is made by glass or metal sliding on the strings of an acoustic guitar. Bob Brozman's remarkably detailed DVD lesson gives you all the tools you'll need to get started playing the powerful songs and thrilling instrumental solos of the legendary bottleneck blues players. Beginnig players will learn all the fundamentals involved in playing bottleneck style: correct use of the slide, open tunings, rhythm backup, vibrato, harmonics, picing techniques and much more. Before long, you'll move ahead to blues licks, runs, turnarounds and solos that will enable you to recreate the dynamic sounds of Charliea Patton, Robert Johnson, Skip James, Muddy Waters, Elmore James and other Mississippi Delta blues greats. By the end of this first lesson you'll have learned to play teh driving rhythms and wild slide sounds of Walking Blues, Can't be satisfied, Cross Road Blues and other powerful blues standards.
Expand your blues repertoire and master a breathtaking variety of licks and tricks using bottleneck slide guitar techniques. Bob Brozman's complete toolbox for intermediate players will teach you many of the innovations and techniques originally created by the traditional Mississippi Delta blues masters. This entire lesson provides an abundance of slide technique, new ideas for you to work on and amazing guitar applications for blues styles. Songs include: Come On In My Kitchen, Delta Memories, Rollin' and Tumblin'.
Bob Brozman's third DVD lesson in this fabulous series will add eight powerful tunes to your blues repertoire and help you develop depth and range in your bottleneck playing. Bob shows, in detail, what you have to do to get authentic slide blues sound. He provides the tools you'll need to approach the rhythmic power of Bukka White; the chant-like tonality of Skip James; the clean tone and string damping style of Tampa Red; and the raw power of the great pioneer Charlie Patton. Best of all you'll soon be playing these show-stopping tunes: Old Dog Blues; Jitterbug Swing; Aberdeen, Mississippi; Denver Blues; Cypress Grove; Telegram Blues; Green River Blues; and Pony Blues.

Volume 1 (1:32:12)
Intro & Suggested Guitars for Slide Playing (3:29)
Open G Tuning (2:09)
The Bottleneck (2:12)
Slide Techniques & Fingerpicking (7:09)
Right Hand Damping & Staccato Exercises (3:43)
Triplets (1:35)
Long Jumps & Strike and Slide (4:19)
Vibrato & Compression Picking (10:32)
The Essential Blue Note (3:26)
Right Hand Techniques & Elmore James Lick (6:41)
Artificial Harmonics & Sliding Harmonics (4:38)
Playing Blues & Elmore James Solo (7:05)
Turnarounds & Decorating the Tune (4:42)
Walking Blues & Delta String Snap (2:53)
Fretted Notes (2:59)
Muddy Waters Lick (2:24)
Can't Be Satisfied & Muddy Watres Licks (9:17)
Cross Road Blues (3:48)
Open D Tuning (4:04)
Resonator Guitars & Practice Tips (3:05)
Come On In My Kitchen (1:52)

Volume 2 (1:13:49)
Intro (2:26)
Come On In My Kitchen (5:35)
Right Hand Techniques (1:20)
Turnarounds (1:06)
Slide Technique (1:36)
Chord Variations (1:09)
Double Time (1:52)
Palm Harmonics (1:07)
Verse Two (6:32)
Middle Part with Palm Harmonics (3:32)
Rhythmic Variation and Percussion (7:31)
Delta Memories (5:26)
Rolling Triplets & Non-Rhythmic Scrunch Stroke (1:31)
Son House C7 Lick (2:14)
Walking Blues Lick (1:54)
Charlie Patton Lick (5:20)
A Brozman Variation with String Slapping (2:00)
Ghosted Notes (1:23)
Five-Chord Link (1:29)
Turnarounds (1:13)
Rollin n Tumblin Family of Blues (12:05)
Lap Style & Outro (5:16)

Volume 3 (1:13:05)
Intro (2:11)
G Tuning (15:04)
D Tuning (15:44)
D Minor Tuning (16:28)
C Tuning (12:24)
Standard Tuning (7:30)
Conclusion (3:40)

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