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Risen 2 Dark Waters XBOX360 SWAG

Developer: Piranha Bytes | Genre: RPG | Size: 6.5 GB
With an expanded setting, new story and characters, as well as all the new technical basis, Risen 2 expands on the success of the popular RPG franchise.

Set several years after the end of the Risen One, the game drops players into a world where the titans of the catastrophic storms devastated the planet and pushed humanity to the brink of existence. Subsequently, monstrous creatures rose from the depths of the sea water and their attacks have brought all shipping to a standstill. The protagonist, now a member of the Inquisition, sent to find out how to stop the chaos caused by these creatures of the abyss. His quest starts rumors that the pirates, who often are the southern islands, the only ones who know a way to get rid of the creatures once and for all and stop the terror.

With an all-new pirate-based theme, Risen 2: Dark Waters aims to combine the most loved classic RPG gameplay mechanics of the original Risen with a fresh theme and setting on a huge variety of themed island locales. Risen 2: Dark Waters maintains the most immersive features of the original Risen, with multiple approaches to every challenge allowing players to shape the game world based on their own decisions. These choices will serve to unlock new paths, features and additional skills for the character.

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